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WWE Negotiating with Former Divas, Concern Over Swagger & Colter

– The Bella Twins returning to WWE goes back 6 or 7 weeks when officials decided they wanted more women on TV and wanted to beef the Divas division up. At first, the plan was to call up some of the Divas from NXT but that idea was nixed. Then officials decided they wanted to bring back some of the WWE Divas who had left the company recently.

It’s said that some of the Divas who recently left the company were offered more money than they were making before. Apparently some of the other Divas haven’t accepted offers yet but are in talks and may be waiting on better offers. The Bella Twins reportedly accepted WWE’s first offer. No word yet on which former Divas are in talks to return.

– Vince McMahon has been a fan of the Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter storyline but word at RAW last night was that there’s a lot of concern about the angle and its future. The program was originally designed to be a long-term feud to help get Del Rio as a babyface but those plans may be changing. There’s a feeling that the angle is not getting over on WWE TV but Zeb and Swagger are getting heat at live events.


  • Daniel Covell

    Getting Kharma back to continue the Bella Twins feud would be a great way to kickstart the Divas division again.

  • Jay

    Exactly! I remember the days when the divas would have one of the main rivalries on the show and would look forward to their match each week (Trish, Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly etc.) nowadays, you’re lucky to even see the divas in a backstage promo!

    If WWE are serious about reviving/saving the division then they need to push talent like Natalya and Tamina, let the girls work longer matches and have rivalries that last at least a few weeks and are not just thrown together in a WWE App exclusive.
    Get AJ back to wrestling in the ring and let her usher in the new era as Divas champ. Let Naomi compete too!
    Bring up NXT divas like Paige to the main roster.
    Bring back Kharma and Beth Phoenix. Sign free agents like Katie Lea, Melissa Anderson and Angelina Love.
    If only they could get Mickie James, Victoria, Molly Holly, Michelle McCool and Eve back too.

  • Ray Myer

    I agree. The storyline is already stale as shit. Thing is? I agree with 90% of whaty Zeb and Swagger are preaching. I don’t believe in this BS of the U.S. having to learn foreign languages because people illegally sneak into our country. So yeah, definitely interested in this storyline.

  • So they spend $$$ to hire back model who can’t wrestle instead of actual women WRESTLERS. No wonder WWE sucks nowadays.

  • Scooter

    I’d rather have Paige thanks.

  • My guess is Kelly Kelly and Karma and Mabe Eve.

  • Are you kidding? That promo was HILARIOUS!

  • anthony-ke

    I like Swagger and Colter, I just think Del Rio’s promo’s kind of suck, the pre-taped segments mocking Swagger and Colter weren’t funny at all

  • d_pooch

    I like the idea, but meanwhile current divas are still getting lost in the shuffle and/or not getting pushed (ie – Natalya). My guess is they are probably talking to Michelle McCool, and hopefully Beth Phoenix if they’re smart.

  • Mark Newton

    yes if the divas are going to accept these contract offers then they need some guaranteed tv time on raw and smackdown