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WWE Night of Champions Notes: Fans Upset at Beth’s Loss, Signs Taken Away and More

– Some of the Buffalo Bills players were in attendance at last night’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view in Buffalo, NY. On a related note, former WWE announcer Todd Grisham was in attendance for the Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles game in Atlanta.

– WWE referred John Laurinaitis as Mr. Future Endeavors for the first time last night at Night of Champions.

– Several fans noted that security was taking away a lot of signs last night at the pay-per-view in Buffalo.

– After Beth Phoenix lost to Kelly Kelly in her hometown, there was a huge “bullshit” chant from the crowd for over a minute. WWE had Beth penciled in to win the Divas Title for weeks but obviously changed plans.

  • venom

    Kelly kelly was great at the ppv.

  • unique

    ^^^^ You’re a fucking idiot!

  • KitKrock

    I wish Benoit killed Kelly Kelly, Matt Hardy & Triple H instead of nancy, himself and daniel.

  • Suffering Daley

    My neighbor told me he saw a “Kelly Swallows” sign but I can’t trust anything he says when he’s drunk.

  • Yo

    I also saw the sign that said “wish Benoit was here” and a “bring back Batista!” one.

  • poko

    The problem with building up a Super Kelly Kelly is that it’s not even remotely believable. John Cena might not be the best wrestler, but he’s one of the strongest guys in wrestling, and he’s not that bad a worker. Kelly Kelly, on the other hand, is a sub-par performer. She simply isn’t very good at any aspect of wrestling.

    John Cena beating Del Rio? Yeah, I’ll buy it. I’m tired of it, but I can believe it. Kelly Kelly beating Beth or Nattie? No, I don’t believe it. In fact, I have trouble believing she could beat most of the Diva roster.

    You might be right about Kelly Kelly getting a years-long push like Cena or Orton, but I damn sure hope not.

  • none of yall must of watched the match last night Kelly out preformed Beth last night hands down twice as many moves and spot on on all of them i though it was a real good all in all

  • Devil_Rising

    Not only should a stick figure like Kelly have NEVER been champ in the first place….but to not let Beth win in his hometown was classless. As if there was anything at all to be gained by keeping the belt on Kelly. All they’re doing is making the “Glamazon” look weak.

  • diddy


  • diddy

    If Vince could he would offer to make a whore a WWE diva because he thinks we want to see untrained women in the ring i dont consider fcw to be a wrestling school does vince think we want to see useless barbie dolls as diva’a REALLY REALLY REALLY WELL VINCE GO FUCK YOURSELF

  • Andy

    There is an unwritten rule that you lose in your hometown. Its not ALWAYS the case – but more often than not, it is. Obviously, CM Punk winning in Chicago at MITB was against this – but it was what was best for business. It just made sense.

    Now – with all of that being said, I feel that Beth Phoenix should have won last night. It made sense for her to win, and would have been a whole lot more believeable.

    Here’s the thing – I can’t believe no one has picked up on it yet, perhaps everyone is just avoiding it so that maybe it wont be true. It seems to me that WWE is positioning Kelly Kelly to be the female version of John Cena for the company. She has been built up to be expected to win, and even when we dont expect her to win, she will. This second win over a very tough Beth Phoenix will start to gear our mind toward the “well, she’s always gonna win” mindset. If she can always beat Beth Phoenix, then why wouldnt we believe she could beat Brie Bella or Alicia Fox?

    Anyone else on board with this thought?

  • simon07

    Donners – CM Punk won in Chicago…

    But Beth repeatedly losing to Kelly Kelly is becoming a joke. If they want to give the Divas division any credibility they need to make the matches more believable.

  • donners

    isn’t there some unwritten rule that you don’t win in your home town?

    unless you’re john cena. in which case, the only place you’ve never won is on mars.

    and vince is probably working on that one.

  • josh

    and they left the Benoit sign? What did the others say?

  • vkmgetaclue

    I saw a sign that says “If Beth loses, we riot”

  • CAL

    Also saw a sign saying “Hogan owns bret”

  • RUSTanator

    there was a sign up saying ”i wish benoit was here”

  • Chris

    I was in attendance for NOC last night in Buffalo, and the outcome of that match really was bull shit. It wasn’t because it was Beth’s home town and she should have won; other wrestlers have lost in their home towns, it was because Kelly barely even wrestled her at all. She had a bit of an offense at the beginning, but as the match went on she did basically nothing. I was sitting 4th row behind the announcers and she was blatantly botching moves that should have been easy to pull off; basically moves a champ shouldn’t be botching. Beth had to basically sell that entire match, and she lost on a bad reversal? Really? I found that it just further cheapened the Divas division. If they wanted to bring credibility to it, having Beth carry it for even one PPV would have done that. Now we have to listen to Kelly claim that model-types can wrestle just as well, and if you watch the vid, how she can claim to have out wrestled her is the real bull shit here.


    @ Stevie P…. You are 100% right, Beth should not have lost to Kelly Kelly at all, and losing in her home town makes it even more of a bullshit move by WWE to have Beth lose.

  • Stevie P

    Because it was bullshit that Beth lost…in her own hometown…to a terrible wrestler.