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WWE Night of Champions: WWE Divas Title Match

– WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are walking with John Laurinaitis backstage. Laurinaitis agrees that the main event on RAW was a travesty. Del Rio says once he beats John Cena tonight, WWE better start showing him some respect. Laurinaitis wishes Del Rio good luck as he walks off. Laurinaitis looks over and sees CM Punk, wishing him good luck also. Punk mocks him for not being sincere. Laurianitis says when he wishes some good luck, he means it. Punk says yea, like good luck in your future endeavors and walks off as Laurinaitis looks to get on his phone.

WWE Divas Title Match: Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

We go to the ring and out comes WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly with Eve Torres at her side. Out next comes Beth Phoenix to a big pop from her hometown crowd. She has Natalya with her.

The bell rings and they lock up, going to the ropes. Beth backs off and Kelly throws a headlock on her. Beth drops Kelly with a shoulder but misses an elbow. Kelly counters again and goes for Beth’s knee as a “Kelly sucks” chant breaks out from the crowd. Kelly with a hurricanrana for a 2 count. Kelly gets on Beth’s shoulders and uses the ropes to choke her. Kelly goes to the top for a cross body but Beth catches her in mid-air. Beth slams Kelly over her knee and starts spanking her. Beth mounts Kelly with right hands.

Beth with a big kick and a boot to the neck for a 2 count. Beth slingshots Kelly’s neck under the bottom rope and covers for another 2 count. Kelly makes a comeback and hits a bulldog. Eve runs over and attacks Natalya on the floor. Beth pulls her off and slams her head on the floor. Beth kicks Eve and gets back in the ring. Kelly rolls her up for a 2 count. Kelly with another roll up. They go back and forth until Beth hits a big clothesline. Beth takes Kelly to the top rope as the crowd chants for her. Beth hits a big Diva superplex on Kelly and both are down on the mat.

Beth finally crawls over and covers Kelly for a 2 count. Beth gets up and grabs Kelly for a powerbomb. Kelly rolls out of it and rolls Beth up out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

– After the match, Kelly leaves all smiles with Eve as it looks like Beth is about to cry in the ring. We go to replays.

  • jb91

    @RKO RULEZ i think they just did that to pay respect to henrey he deserves it and honestly i’d rather see henry as champ then john supercena.


    Dammit I really was wanting to see the Glamazon Beth Phoenix as champ. Hopefully she gets a rematch on Raw and wins it. Also Mark Henry as world champ? Really? I know the guy’s been bustin his ass for 15 years but is this how WWE is looking to boost ratings on Smackdown?

  • BlahH

    let it play out Beth will get the title soon.
    Kelly Kelly is trash in the ring too, but u already knew that.

  • Marcum

    WWE is probably just trying to prove something with this kelly kelly b.s and they probably won’t even have her drop the title to either beth or natalya. theyre just going to have kelly kelly go out and say that she can wrestle and that beth and natalya are bullys and go on to hold the title forever and be the poster woman for the wwe divas just like john cena.

    unless kelly kelly immensely improves in the ring during her title rerighn she will never be looked at as a real champion. she needs to look at other divas from the past and see why they are considered so great.trish stratus, one of the best wwe divas of all time, started out as a pretty valet and could barley wrestle just like kelly kelly, but the major difference is that trish got into the ring and started training and when the womens title was put on her she really improved. thats what kelly needs to do is she wants to be thought of as an actual competitor.

  • i,m a paul heyman guy

    beth wins on raw i bet

  • Dhane Benjamin

    This Super Kelly Kelly crap is a heaping stinking load of B.S. The Diva division is becoming even more un-watchable and that’s saying something. SMFH!