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WWE Nixes Tag Team Plans?, WWE’s Next Bret Hart DVD, More

– The WWE NXT Divas will be featured in their Halloween costumes at this week’s NXT live events in Florida.

– As noted before, Justin Gabriel is in line for a singles push. This would mean that WWE has nixed plans for Gabriel and Tyson Kidd to team together. On a related note, there had been some talk of putting Kidd with Evan Bourne for another tag team when Bourne is ready to return.

– We noted before that WWE DVD crews were filming interviews with Bret Hart at his home this week for a “rare and unseen matches” feature from WWE’s collection and Bret’s personal collection. When WWE purchased the Stampede tape library from the Harts, there was some stuff that Bret kept for himself so some of that content will likely end up on the DVD.

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  • cc

    Its simple really, without the cruiserweight division, they have no idea what to do with people like Kidd and Gabriel. Look at all the failed angles they have tried with both of them, Kidd especially.
    The whole rotating managers thing went nowhere, the feud with Yoshi went nowhere. His bodyguard went nowhere.
    Only thing that ever worked for Kidd was the Hart dynasty, and WWE just had to go and break that up leaving all three members going nowhere except down the card or out the door.

  • Shawn O B

    i lower my head in shame Dave.

  • Pandar

    That headline was very misleading….

  • Thomas

    I’m glad Gabriel is getting a push. Bourne-Kidd is a great idea.

  • Dave

    Come on Shawn.
    You should know the rules for WWE breaking up a tag team by now. First they have to spend months with the commentators building them up as being “Closer than brothers”, before one betrays the other in a “shock” heel turn.
    If they start building them up as being best friends, we will know it’s coming.

  • Shawn O B

    have Gabriel two-time Kidd. them two and the feud itself would garner interest (if they have been tag-teaming??) from the fans. i think Gabriel looks like a heel because he always has a pretty serious facial expression so to me he looks like a heel, like he was in Nexus.

  • xXx

    why not push kidd??

  • Butters

    Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel would have been a cooler combination, but this works too.

  • Tyler(:

    Well atleast they still have plans for both Bourne and Kidd.