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WWE NXT Dark Matches, Nash Talks More About NWO Reunion, Ziggler’s Birthday

– WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler turns 32 years old today.

– Kevin Nash wants fans to help him get the NWO brought back to WWE with WWE Champion CM Punk as the leader. He wrote on Twitter last night:

“We can make this happen.Wear your NWO shirts ,bring NWO signs and chant NWO when our Champion comes out! The NWO must live on C.M Punk is it. there is a reason we never went at it, Plavix…really Punk is NWO 2012.Rock comes to Raw 1000 at Punk makes it his night.C.M Punk is cookin.”

– The dark match before last night’s WWE NXT tapings in Florida saw Bo Dallas defeat Dean Ambrose. The mid-taping dark match saw Brodus Clay squash an unknown wrestler and the dark main event saw Big Show defeat Alex Riley.

  • JStylez

    Back when Nash attacked Punk after he came back a vid leaked onto CM Punks youtube channel of a remixed wolfpac titantron vid for Punk…

    If nWo is broughtr back i’d put…Punk leader, Nash body guard/manager old nWo, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Ted Dibiase, Joe Henning, and maybe Christian and maybe Seth Rollins

  • yofits

    nWo sucks.

    bring back the mexicools.

  • chronoxiong

    “Kevin Nash? WTF? I thought he was dead. Lol.”

  • what?

    @vide im with ya NWO sucked it was the same crap every week why so many people want to see a dumb gimmick rehashed i have no clue it has been done to death how about the writers get off their lazy ass and come up with something new for once

  • vide

    no, no and hell no. This is just nash’s way of trying to get into the spotlight again. No NASH! your time is up. God i am tired of everyone just bring back stuff. How in the heck can wrestling evolve if we keep bringing back old stuff. It has been done in the past, let it die in the past. No NWO, no DX, no ROCK, no AUSTIN, no Attitude era, no Flair, no Hogan. I am tired of it. I want something new. Ziggler as champ maybe. Just give us new things please. I want originality and creativity not blast from the pasts

  • Pete

    I’d love for this to happen, it would help further punk’s heel turn. It could also be part of the big summer angle that has started to begin.

  • hitmanmontreal

    Kevin Nash – CM PUNK – – Big Show – John Laur – David Otunga – Eve – Tyler Reks – Ted Dibiase … could be a great new NWO black and White … Fighting guys like … The Rock – John Cena – Rey Mysterio jr – Jericho – The Truth & Kofi Kingston.

  • Buttercastle

    There’s an interesting article on Bleacher Report listing other superstars who should join NWO with Punk.

  • Jimbo

    This just might work. Punk as the leader, Nash as the body guard, and sone young heels to round out the group.

  • mabry

    i dont know if hes messing with us or just high on something, but i still find interesting all this crap that Nash is sayin about NWO/Punk… or maybe am High in something for believing what hes saying!!!… am actually excited about it…

  • Shawn

    There’s more to this than fans realize. Did anyone else notice Punk wearing black and white on Raw? He had been wearing black and yellow or black and red. This is the first time he wore only black and white.