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WWE NXT Superstar Turns Heel, Chris Jericho Speaks on His New Jacket, More

– WWE Superstar Chris Jericho spoke with The Winnipeg Sun to promote this weekend’s RAW live event there and had little to say about his WWE return. Jericho did have something to say about his new jacket:

“I wanted to create something different for my return. I found a guy who had this idea. It turns out he makes all of David Lee Roth’s stuff, (as well as) Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, Brad Pitt … and we kind of created this thing together. I think the jacket is more popular than I am at this point. I think in Winnipeg I’m just going to stick the jacket on a stand and sit in the back and turn it on and off.”

– On the 100th episode of WWE NXT that aired last night, Titus O’Neil turned heel after defeating Darren Young in a No DQ Match. Titus ripped on the fans and then the format of NXT – the Redemption points, Hornswoggle as his Pro and the Rookie Challenges. After O’Neil’s heel turn promo, Michael Cole blasted him with this line:

“After 46 weeks, you’d think he would have learned how to cut a promo.”

Cole returned to NXT commentary for the 100th episode.

– Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins debuted new ring gear on last night’s WWE NXT and defeated the team of Trent Baretta and Yoshi Tatsu.

– For those wondering, the wedding between Maxine and Johnny Curtis ended up seeing Maxine leave with Derrick Bateman. It featured Matt Striker as an Elvis impersonator.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    I don’t watch NXT anymore.. mostly because it’s online.
    Now it just seems like a really bad comedy.

  • venom

    NXT is pointless. All it is doing is burying these three rookies because it’s not like these guys are going to be serious superstars.

  • cabrera1234

    go away nxt please

  • Jimbo

    -Chris Jericho

    Choose one.

  • er09gjqebnqet97 g

    I think it was the season three premier when Matt Striker said “in six weeks we’ll have our first elimination,” I’ve been over NXT since that moment.


    Dang I didn’t even know NXT was still on to be honest.

  • Bill

    Speaking of new attire, why the hell did Jericho wear his damn 2009 attire? Although I wanted classic long tights again, he could’ve at least got new short tights. Heel purple? Boring.(not the gimmick, of course)

  • PinkSinCara

    Titus is a black guy who barks. Of course he’d turn heel

  • MJ

    Darren young is awesome and so is bateman but my god titus should just get fired that guy sucks as a heel and he’s going to be a struggling midcarder unlikr young and bateman the only thing about titus is he’s fast as hell in the ring

  • adam tarasievich

    Ok titus o neil turned heel thats great. now can someone ended this damn season of NXT rejects. Then do the new season if there will be one and i mean teh idea of thhis season swas good but tis a horrible joke now. Also i find it funny that even the announcers make jokes about this show saying how most of the people on this show arnt even rookies then the one said yea but yoshi used to be a pro.

  • Jericho’s jacket is an epiliptics worst nightmare

  • Buttercastle

    “I think the jacket is more popular than I am at this point.”

    Well yeah, considering it’s done a lot more than you have since your return. Also I’m surprised he even said anything during his interview, and didn’t just bounce around in the seat and shake hands with people for 5 minutes then leave.

    Damn Jeritroll getting under my skin!

  • Omar

    Created this together…yeah right. Someone stole it from Amitabh Bachan.

  • BestInTheWorld

    Michael Cole was great on commentary for NXT. Although a lot of people find him overbearing, I think his commentary is pretty funny.

  • CC

    So whats this, the 100th episode of NXT or the 100th episode of this season?
    Yeah, I know the answer, but god damn this season has gone on for what seems like forever. I gave up on it months ago, and cant believe its still going.