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WWE Offers Contract to Top Women’s Wrestler, Update on Other Talents Being Signed

– The landscape of WWE developmental is changing big time as some of the more popular independent wrestlers are being signed. Here is an update on some of the latest rumored names for WWE developmental:

* We noted before that international star Pac has been signed by WWE. He is currently in the middle of relocating to Florida and should start with FCW soon.

* Matt Taven has been offered a deal and he is currently undergoing testing. Taven has worked for Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA and other promotions.

* Sara Del Rey was indeed offered a WWE developmental deal. She is waiting on medical tests to return but the feeling is that she will pass everything fine.

Source: PWInsider

  • Devil_Rising

    So long as they don’t have Del Ray shave her head or have some stupid growth on her face……

    WWE really doesn’t know how to treat their female stars.

  • scooter

    Pac past a wellness test? How can a guy put on that much size without taking something guess he just did the smart thing and plan his courses around testing and tryouts.

  • untouchablefa08

    You have to remember that they are going to have a 24 hour a day television network that needs a lot more content than what they have…we gna see a lot of signings leading into the networks debut i think….


    Wait WWE SIGNED A WOMAN WRESTLER did they make a mistake do they realize shes NOTa model. Awwell bt time

  • poko

    Wow, seriously, Sara Del Rey? Maybe they really are serious about actually having a Diva’s division worth watching. Or they’re concerned that Kharma will have no one except Beth who could realistically get in the ring with her. Still, it’s kind of a shame that she wasn’t signed years ago.

    Half the current Divas need to be let go after their contract ends, and replaced by actual wrestlers. There is so much talent in the indies. They should bring in a few Japanese girls, too; it’s worked well before, and they have some incredible performers. Kana or Ayumi Kurihara, for example. They regularly work with guys over there, and are as tough as nails.

    I’m still trying to figure out how Mia Yim isn’t hasn’t been called up. She is sexy, a great performer, and fearless. Look up the video of her taking a pile driver from a guy off the ring apron through a table. (Actually, here you go )

    WWE, you have a great opportunity to rebuild interest in the Diva’s division with the 3 hour RAW events coming up. Go get some real talent and do this thing right.

  • Jimbo

    Yeah they sign all these people, then waste our time with Big Slow and Ryberg.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    They are signing all these new people yet they have many talented guys/girls who haven’t even been put on tv. Where the hell is Dean Ambrose? Bet he is pissed off when you get management saying they have nothing for him just yet. Maybe if you stopped writing shit segments with Eve, Teddy Long and countless other irrelevant people they could find something for him to do.

  • SYM

    These guys will take the spots of Rollins, Chris Hero, and Shaul Guerrero on FCW, so they can be put on the Main Roster.