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WWE Officially Announces Tyler Reks’ Contract Release, Two Wrestlers React

WWE announced late Wednesday night via Twitter that Tyler Reks has been released from his contract with the organization.

“WWE has come to terms on the release of Gabe Tufts (Tyler Reks) as of Tuesday, Aug. 21. We wish Gabe all the best in his future endeavors,” the message reads, which was made through an iPad.

Reks, whose real name is actually Gabe Tuft, cited his desire to spend time with his family in a message posted on Facebook and Twitter. He wrote, “I realized recently that being a Superstar means sacrificing certain things, including time with my family. As a new father, my heart broke every time I had to leave to go on the road. I didn’t ever want to miss another moment with my daughter, so I made the decision to be a full time dad and hang up my boots.”

SmackDown Superstar William Regal, who feuded with Reks earlier this year on NXT, commented on his release via Twitter: “I was told that Tyler Reks has finished with WWE.Talented lad who was a gentleman.I admire his unselfish gesture for his family.Good man.”

Raw Superstar JTG also posted his first tweet since his controversial diatribe two weeks ago, writing, “The locker room will miss you bro.”

  • False Idol

    Now I realise why he chose the name Tyler Reks. Gabe Tuft..really? In all seriousness, fair play to the guy, it couldn’t have been an easy decision to make, I have to admire him for what he did. Who knows, he may come back in the future!

  • W.cares

    yofits do the wrestling fan community a favour and play in busy traffic. Dont worry your life will be like your comments on here. Pointless, irrelevant, and wont be missed AT ALL. BY ANYONE

    Anyway props to Tyler Reks. Enjoy being a full-time dad.

  • jwaller1

    Reunite hawkinsand ryder

  • yofits

    Tyler Reks SOLD OUT on the fans by leaving the WWE.

    What a selfish man.

  • StudDog

    Sorry but they cannot push them all.
    I think it says alot about the man, Willing to give up his wrestling career to be with his family and new baby girl. sincerest respect and congratulations on being a dad.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I just hope that his leaving doesn’t screw Hawkins too much. I mean, can Hawkins continue the new gimmick on his own? Is he going to have to recruit someone to join him? What’s going to happen?

  • Bawb

    Wow…I’ve never read such a graceful future endeavor. lol

  • centerman

    He really wasn’t given any kind of a decent push. Hope he finds a better life for himself and his family.

  • Max

    he was a nobody anyway.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Deng.. Now I feel bad he didn’t get a decent push earlier. I think I might miss his tagging with Hawkins as the strippers. Hopefully, it all goes wells for Tyler Reks.