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WWE Officials Decline Veteran Female Wrestler, Mason Ryan Speaks Out, More

— Sean Waltman stated during a recent interview with the Pro Wrestling Torch that Faby Apache, who performs for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, is the single best female wrestler he saw when he was in Mexico a few years ago. He recently recommended the veteran wrestler to WWE officials, but they declined.

“She is the best female worker I’ve seen in maybe the last ten years. It’s just that she’s a little bottom heavy like a lot of the girls down in Mexico that doesn’t fit in with the look WWE is looking for with the Divas division, unfortunately. In terms of in-ring talent, she can go with anyone. I put in a word for her, but they weren’t interested in her,” Waltman said.

— Mason Ryan spoke to to promote Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He discusses his start in professional wrestling, being discovered by WWE, his anticipation in performing at MSG for the first time, what he’d be doing if he was not wrestling, the energy Mick Foley and The Rock bring to the dressing room, transitioning to a fan favorite, who’s been most instrumental in helping him hone his character and ring work.

— The Bella Twins appear at Alexandria KIA Dealership 7416 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, Virginia on December 29 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Call 888-430-7570 for more information.

  • obvious

    I am thinking a recommendation from Waltman does not go very far in the industry

  • Centerman

    I wasn’t familiar with Faby Apache until a few days ago. She’s too talented for a WWE ring. She does not have the Barbie Doll body Vince loves (I’d still let her wrinkle the sheets on my bed). A WWE Diva “usually” has to be one of two things. A Model or very unique(Kharma). Women like Gail, Mickie, Beth, and Natalia are rare in that company. We won’t see Faby there. I doubt she’d be happy there anyway.

  • poko

    Faby Apache is actually quite pretty. She just isn’t shaped like a model. Sometimes I think the WWE avoids girls from the indies, or from Japan or Mexico, because they might end up actually wrestling and hurt one of the models who aren’t skilled enough to defend themselves. A lot of them are used to fighting matches that are rougher than what we even see from the men’s side in the PG-Era WWE.

    It makes sense, really. A typical Diva’s match now only lasts a couple of minutes, and mostly consists of only a couple of “moves”, and those are usually very basic or something gimmicky like the stink-face. The WWE doesn’t actually need skilled wrestlers for the little skits performed by the Divas.

  • Kawika

    I seen her wrestle she is good n wwe is dumb not to hire her.

  • rko

    They won’t hire her, but they hired that big ugly hippo kharma, right?
    That makes sense.

  • donners

    Mason Ryan has character?!

  • voice of reason

    so what if she’s got a booty isnt that what us guys like it’s a pity she wasnt hired, i think if the wwe hired her it would be a step closer to them looking like tna.

  • Me

    Bring on the big ass mexican girls 😀

  • venom

    That’s a shame. They should hire her.

  • Diesel

    Well the thing is Vince is only interested in skinny no talent “Barbie doll” types who are crap in the ring over actually talented female wrestlers, I mean look at the likes of Kelly Kelly & The Bella Twins, they still have a job and the likes of Katie Lea Burchill, Gail Kim, Mickie James were all let go and ended up in TNA.