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– As seen at WWE Hell In a Cell last night, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio debuted new masks. Rey’s mask features Cara’s design on the back while Cara’s mask features Rey’s design on the back. They will be using these masks from here on out.

– Some of the celebrities in attendance for WWE Hell In a Cell in Atlanta were die-hard WWE fans Chili of TLC fame and Oakland A’s player Josh Reddick. Wrestling legends Robert Gibson and “Squire” Dave Taylor were among those backstage visiting.

– WWE officials were not happy at all with the crowd at last night’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. The feeling was that the main event would have came off better on TV if the crowd would have been into it like officials expected.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    Well maybey if there wrestlers didnt suck, the crowd wouldnt be so bored.

  • J

    So gay. That’s seems so gay that they have cara and rey wear the others symbol as a new found team.

  • batesy boy

    Some crowds just aren’t that hot no matter whats happening in the ring. I was at Mania 25 and it was dead for Steamboat, Piper etc, but the next night on Raw..same city the crowd was going wild for Steamboat

  • El Dandy

    @HATER calling people stupid but he doesn’t know the difference between the words have and of!

  • NO!!!

    It has nothing to do with PG and everything to do with booking. Do you think people were bitching when savage and steamboat were tearing the house down at mania? No, but it was still PG. Vince and HHH are just surrounded by a bunch of yes men who say “good job sir, may I suck you off some more”.

  • scooter

    The people saying the kids don’t chant have no clue! Your saying wrestling shouldn’t be aime at kids? Again no clue! Go to any small indy show in any part of the world and you’ll find the kids are the ones making the noise. FACT wrestling is mainly aimed at kids, always has been the reason the attitude era was edgier was because it was when MTV first took off with an edgier product and was the in thing. Saying they shouldn’t focus on kids makes you stupid. I agree PG goes too far but to say kids shouldn’t be the main focus is an absolute joke!

  • APA

    It’s just not the same without John Cena (never thought I would say that)

  • D2K

    *****The Official WWE management policy*****

    “Everything is always everyone else fault but ours”

    That is all….

  • xXx

    i guess they’ll be blaming punk for the low ppv rates AND the main event too huh? also, i think that was the fastest HIAC match ever

  • sam

    alot of the crowds today are not as hot as they were, whether thats down to the PG era/booking, or that they just dont care anymore (why go in first place right?). only a few decent crowds left i.e chicago and new york

  • Matt

    Remember the raw after mania? Remember what the main age demographic was for that show? It was mostly 18+ and the crowd was unreal. Bring the 18+ crowd in again and you will have your amazing reactions and a fun show

  • http://None Raven

    It was a lazy ppv, it never took off!!!

  • Little Jimmy

    WWE needs to sort themselves out and use their talent right and yeah the product has to be more edgier and less Little Jimmy friendly in order for WWE to become exciting again. WWE’s writer’s are incapable of making wrestling exciting their only ace card is to make good promo’s to make the feuds and matches much more exiting by being non PG, I’M not saying have Iron Sheik as a commentator I’m just saying small amounts help.

  • aaron

    Well duh….this push I feel was meant for Jack Swagger because remember Ryback was pushed after saving J.R. The whole Oklahoma J.R. appreciation day and all. I know he isn’t the most over but really he is a guy that do really well with a decent face push. Not saying Swagger should have won either but so much a better person for this push than a guy who was still beating up locals a month ago.

  • TheSheepDog

    Just wondering, why was there only one HIAC match? I havent really kept up to date past few weeks, but was confused as to why just one?


    @Jaime5150,Enigma & SYM you guys must of been at HIAC cause you are just as stupid as the people in the crowd. Stupid kids!

  • g@k.com

    simply means ryback has no karizma//////////

  • Jaime5150

    Ryback: FEED ME LESS TV TIME!!!!

  • Enigma

    Ryback = Low Ratings!!!!

  • SYM

    RyCrap isn’t over yet. Last weeks raw proved it when RyCrap lost 500,000+ viewers. The numbers don’t like.

  • Whatever

    Well, maybe you should focus more on the adults and less on the kids to get a great crowd who will be in to it?
    Like the old good days! Stop that PG!

    Don’t want to do that? Then don’t complain about the lame crowd when Cena is not in the Main Event!
    The crowd is now full of kids who are only chanting for Cena…

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