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WWE Officials High on a Diva, Speculation on Shawn Michaels Wrestling Again, Michael Hayes

– Michael Hayes, who has been involved with WWE creative for a long time, has been away for a few weeks now. Hayes was given some time off to deal with some personal things and there’s no timetable for his return.

– For what it’s worth, a lot of people backstage at Monday’s RAW were wondering if Shawn Michaels getting involved at Hell In a Cell will lead to his in-ring return at WrestleMania XXX.

– There are a number of people within WWE, including Triple H, who feel that Aksana has something special and they want to keep her around.

Source: PWInsider

  • Shawn OB

    Asanas a hot little number now more than before so yeah I could guess why she would be considered for something.

  • Demandred

    Aksana crawling around the ring is so innovative!

  • shaun

    you know it wont be against Orton cause Orton supposed to get the belt back. I dont want to see HBK vs DB but it may come to that. I wouldnt mind seeing Triple H vs HBK one last time. They cant do DX as heels cause it wouldnt be the same. Plus they found out they cant have HBK as a heel just look at his storyline with Hogan years ago

  • Zim

    so i take it Aksana did “some things” for HHH and thats why hes supporting her…

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Yknow what? While I fully agree with the sentiment that once a wrestler retires they should stay retired, HOWEVER…. One more match out of Michaels is hardly a bad thing. Look no further than his match against HHH in 2002 after being away for four years, it pretty much stole the show!

    Michaels is one of those unique wrestlers that kept getting better with age rather than just hanging on to a career gone by like certain wrestlers, so while I respect him for hanging it up when he did, if he did a one off match for WM 30 I’m all for it

  • HBK better not wrestle ever again. That’s the whole POINT of a retirement match. It would be just as stupid as Flair wrestling again for WWE after being retired by HBK.

  • ddfindl

    She does plenty of memorable things, you just never see or hear about them because WWE is PG programming

  • The Table

    What the hell? Aksana can’t do ANYTHING…

  • d_pooch

    Somehow I’m starting to see HBK vs Legend Killer Randy Orton….

  • xXx

    wow aksana really? even in fcw she stunk.. i had the same opinion on alicia fox but when i saw her matches in fcw she was real good.. wait, is it because she’s one of the bigger divas? she can’t even work the mic

  • Scott Davies

    I saw Aksana wrestle a match with Natalya here in Australia. Aksana really made that match stink

  • Greg

    Aksana?? When has she ever done anything memorable?

  • Shawn Bronald

    My dream match and out that would be worthy of Shawn returning…..

    Shawn Michaels vs. Sting at WrestleMania XXX.

    I’m not kidding. Sting’s contract will, once again, run out just before WM. HBK and Sting are great friends. This match actually makes more sense then Undertaker vs. Sting since HBK would be more capable of carrying Sting in a match than Undertaker. Also, the match would be cool because Sting never (before) wrestled in WWF/E and Shawn never wrestled in WCW/NWA.

    Or, of course, we could have Sting vs. HBK vs. Undertaker…. :-p