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WWE Officials Impressed By Former Superstar On Raw 1,000, AJ Lee Angle Nixed

– WWE officials were impressed with Billy Gunn and his interactions with Shawn Michaels on Raw 1,000 and the belief is he’ll receive at least one match on a future televised show. Meanwhile, many backstage feel Sean “X-Pac” Waltman didn’t appear in great shape on the milestone episode so it is unlikely that he’ll be brought back for a match.

Some people were surprised that with WWE’s TV-PG directive and Linda McMahon running for United States Senate, officials had no problem having Waltman appear on television despite his involvement with a sex tape years ago. Some people backstage were also joking about how friendly Gunn was with everyone considering that he challenged Triple H and Shawn Michaels to a “shoot” fight years ago.

– After AJ Lee was named General Manager of Raw last week on Raw 1,000, her first act in the position was to grant Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a WWE Championship Match at the Royal Rumble. The angle, however, was nixed due to time constraints and Johnson announced that he would face whoever the WWE Champion is at the pay-per-view event.

WWE plans to downplay Johnson’s upcoming title shot until after the Survivor Series on November 18 as to not draw attention away from any of the other shows they have to promote in the meantime. Officials also want Royal Rumble, which takes place in Phoenix, Arizona, to be sold out by November.


  • Tyler(:

    I fail too see how “Bad Ass” can’t be said but “Boots To Asses” can be said, makes no sense.

    Billy used to be my favourite wrestler back in 1998 – 2003ish, and I liked him again as Kip James so I’ll be glad if he does have another match.

  • yofits
  • yofits

    Badd One Billy Gunn (his PG era name) is the best wrestler to not win the WWE title.

    Hashtag Push Billy Gunn

  • Greatest one

    PAC was high on somethin during the show. Between his closed eyes n +30 lb frame he should not be brought back imo

  • chronoxiong

    Billy Gunn vs Dolph Ziggler indeed. That needs to happen. I don’t want to see him versus Heath Slater.

  • KingAblert

    I wanna see Billy Gunn vs. Triple H.
    with HHH winning.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Billy might win because Dolph can’t hit the Fame-Asser. Just ask Christian lol. For real though, I wish Ziggler would ditch Vickie, and Billy can be his bodyguard/manager/occasional tag partner. The guy’s still in great shape, looks great, and wouldn’t have to work a load of matches. Take a bump here and there, and he’s good.

    Vickie Guerrero is NOT Sherri Martel, and her “Excuse Me” isn’t worthy of heel heat. It’s X-Pac heat. It’s “Oh just shut the fuck up and go away, your husband’s been dead for 7 years, you still don’t have enough money to NOT have to work here anymore?” heat. Something like that lol.

  • Men on a Mission

    Billy Gunn vs. Dolph Ziggler. Make it happen!

  • SYM

    I read this article while listening to X-Pac’s theme music and cried because the song was so Damn Good!

  • nikki

    The bad man billy gunn…awww the pg era lol

  • Bill

    #HEEL vs. Mr. Ass! Book it!

  • thetalkingbox

    ahhh yes! I will have the chance to watch the Royal Rumble live!

  • Jim

    In fairness to the shoot fight that all came about when DX was reformed without Gunnor Road Dogg. All us fans wanted Gunn and Dogg to show up or new members to be added but it didn’t happen.

    HHH & HBK may have created DX but my word, the NAO’s made just as big a contribution if not more after HBK retired. The fact that they are barely acknowledged in WWE DVD’s and supposedly book about DX is a joke.

    Fortunately they’ve taken steps to put things right with the 1000 episode. Let bygones be bygones and give us the Father vs Son match we want.

    Gunn vs Ziggler for MITB briefcase – Book It!!!

  • Bawb

    Yeah, Waltman looked terrible. Huge gut and his voice sounded so raspy. I’d like to see him wrestle as well, but I thought there was almost no chance of that happening because of his Hepatitis C diagnosis?

    Regardless, I’m glad they were all having as much fun as we the fans were.

  • scooter

    Also in regards to Sean.
    1-2-3 kid vs Generico from last year is all the proof I need that he’s still got it.

  • misfit del rio

    That’s great news.. hopefully we get a new age outlaw tag match. And the billy calling for a shoot, was more of a work than anything, that and drugs had him by the balls

  • scooter

    The whole VKM shoot fight thing just made sense! Billy and Road Dogg calling out DX was the right way for their characters to go at that point, considering they werent doing much else! In all honesty I wish TNA had given it a bit more time thought it could have got awesome.