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Why WWE Officials Kept John Cena Off Monday’s RAW

– WWE officials specifically scripted John Cena not to appear on Monday’s RAW from Indianapolis because WWE Champion The Rock couldn’t be there. They did not want to bring attention to the fact that the WWE Champion wasn’t there on the Road to WrestleMania 29.

They went against the idea of having Cena come out and cut an in-ring promo because The Rock would have looked weak not being there to respond to it. They also did not want to put it out there that Rock was in South Korea at a GI Joe 2 movie premiere. The decision was made to just air the video package for their match.

Source: PWInsider

  • paul s

    Talking shit if cena takes the streak I stop watching wwe, its up to taker. Does he respect punk enough to give it up? Taker isn’t ur typical glory hogging legend type wanting to leep his spot so I think he will maybe want to eventually pass the torch. Who else is there other than punk? I always thought if Austin could do another match it’d be the streak, rock, or cm punk.

  • paul s

    Great rant

  • Scott Davies

    That is the most stupidest reaon i ever heard.

  • D2K

    Well, taker already beat him too so that wouldn’t work. There are only three realistic choices of people to take the streak and one unrealistic choice. I’ll let you choose which is which.

    Mick Foley
    Brock Lesnar
    Steve Austin

  • God of Entertainment

    I agree with pandera to a degree. On the real though, I thought that Cena should’ve loss to Punk for the number 1 contendership at Wrestlemania. Rock vs. Punk would have been better for this reason, that belt was made for CM Punk. Not for John Cena and this match is going to be worse than last year. Once in a lifetime is going to bite the WWE in the ass! Undertaker should be facing John Cena and that match would not only MAKE Cena the heel but the true ICON of the company like they want. The streak should be owned by the man who has carried the company for over 7 years. CM Punk can’t realistically beat Undertaker and Cena has the ability to but they are afraid to put the real spotlight on John Cena. CM Punk is a great speaker but his in ring work has gotten extremely sloppy over the past 3 months. While Cena (who has very little ring skills) is getting better with his variety of in ring moves. Mark Henry is my choice to take the streak really but they would never let a true black man hold such a promising accomplishment. Peace

  • stockshark28

    The sad truth is that the WWE can feed anything to their “Universe” and they belive it!

  • Tha don

    He lost to Kane, pathetic,no way he loses to,taker. Guarenteed

  • adam

    Cause rock is weak

  • D2K

    The CM Punk/Taker feud has enough weight to stand on it’s own. Rock/Cena 2 can’t overshadow that. Especially with the tribute to Paul bearer as the backdrop (and kudos to Punk for doing the job to Kane.)

    What is hilarious is the reason why they allegedly kept Cena off TV. “Don’t want The Rock to look WEAK?” Are kidding me? They beat us over the head with how great it is for The Rock to be a movie star, and how great he is for ratings and sales, and yet when they are exposed for putting the WWE title on a guy whom has a full-time job elsewhere which takes precedence over being on the flagship show in the stretch-run to the biggest show of the year, they want to cover their tracks.

    Perception doesn’t make The Rock look weak. TRUTH makes The Rock look weak and it also shows how transparent the reasoning is for him to be there at all, much less have the WWE Title.

    Like I said before, there is NO REASON for him to have that belt. It doesn’t make Rock/Cena 2 any more or less intriguing because most people equally couldn’t give a rat’s butt about that match. So what John Cena will beat The Rock for the title at Mania? Wippee-do. If the WWE was necessary to make a match more important, then CM Punk should still be the champion.

    The Undertaker has already beaten CM Punk twice. I know WWE thinks that we are all stupid or have memory-loss issues, but we remember. There is no reason to expect CM Punk to win this match. However, if they just wanted to have a throw-away champion they should have let CM Punk take his streak to Wrestlemania against Taker’s streak. That would have given Punk some momentum and made the possibility of him ending the streak more plausible. Taker deserves one last WWE title run before he retires anyway. He’s earned it for making Wrestlemania ‘watchable’ for the past few years.

    Or, they could have put the title on Jericho. He’s wrestling better than he has in years. He is putting on a clinic out there. He has other commitments as well, but at least he is wrestling a full-schedule while hosting a TV show and touring with his band.

    I could go on and on about this but I’m just tired of The Rock and his baloney. Sorry for the rant. I got carried away.

  • D2K

    In other words, they didn’t want to tell us the obvious truth that we have known and have been saying for years.

    Does WWE have ANY grasp of reality anymore? *smh*

  • Wayne


  • I didnt really care that Cena was not on the show it was good to keep the main focus on the Streak!