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WWE Officials Re-Write SmackDown, More from Carlito on WrestleMania & The Rock

– Over the weekend, WWE officials were re-writing this week’s SmackDown after realizing that it will go head-to-head with the debut of the new season of UFC’s Ultimate Fighter. The two shows will go head-to-head this Friday and again on June 1st for the TUF finals.

– As noted last week, former WWE Superstar Carlito defended The Rock against backstage heat and said the WWE talents should be happy that The Rock is making WrestleMania a success. Carlito wondered if any other WWE stars could sell out WrestleMania besides The Rock. Carlito later added the following, throwing in a joke about CM Punk:

“Oh, and I meant wrestlers on today’s roster. Of course stone cold with the right angle could sell mania out.”

“Punk sell out mania? He cant even get backstage at madison square garden! Oh snap!….that was just a joke b%*es!”

“The problem with john cena is that he has carried the company on his back for years and now people are sick of him.”

A wrote to Carlito that he could sell out WrestleMania. Carlito said he could, only if it was held in a bingo hall.

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  • Turd Ferguson

    Heel Cena = Gold.

  • dashing1

    People have been sick of John Cena since 2006 Carlito what u talking about. lol. Fans have been getting bored with Cena since he started “carrying” the company.

  • chronoxiong

    Competition usually drives the WWE to have a better show and with star power so I hope this means more RAW stars show up for this week and next week.

  • Jason

    BTW I don’t think Smackdown sucks, it is the best WWE product out at the moment imo. I never once bashed Smackdown…

  • Jason

    That is funny because I was anout to just say Smackdown is now doomed. WWE going head to head with the MMA market is the end for that brand. They better hope that the WWE network does not bomb like the XFL product did.

    Do you even read my posts Venom? Many times I have said that the NBA game that cost TNA 300,000 viewers this past week will do the same to Raw in two weeks when the NBA heat comes on Monday night.

    For an FBI worker you sure don’t listen to details very well do you?

  • For Real Man

    Being the best wrestler in WWE isn’t saying much these days.

  • Gorilla

    “I spit in the face of anybody who doesn’t want to be cool”….And I’m a fan of wwe I love it no matter how much it’s changed but going against UFC NOW IS LIKE UFC TRYING GO HEAD TOO HEAD WITH WWE IN1999-2000 it ain’t going happen but they can rewrite the show and change it up a little and to note back in 99 2000 the writers wrote every show to be great now they wait till big stars return or a week from mania

  • Nick

    Carlito would come back, but wwe being as creative as they are would stick him with primo and epico

  • Second City Saints

    why does everyone have heat on cm punk lol hes one of best wrestlers in WWE

  • the_electrifying_one

    good joke by carlito. Sure CM Punk will make light of it in a promo.

  • Splash

    So in other words creative is ditching the shitty script and implenting a script out of the not too bad drawer?

  • voice of reason

    @ cakes your right there i miss carlito too i say bring him back into the wwe & have him team up with primo & epico he could always tell john laringitis the truth that he most definately isnt cool.

  • Cakes

    Hey, atleast carlito has a sense of humor and can take a shot at himself. Still miss him thou. Even thou he didn’t have the overly bulky muscular built, with a stable or an enforcer (mason Ryan), carlito could’ve definitely been a main eventer