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WWE Officials Upset Over Batista Leak, Fans Vote On Which Shield Member Will Become World Champ First

– Jim Ross will be appearing in-studio for KREF radio in Norman, Oklahoma on Monday from noon until 1pm. They will be taking calls at 1-866-355-5733 and the interview will air on

– WWE’s website has a poll that asks fans which member of The Shield is most likely to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion first. With over 31,000 votes cast, Seth Rollins is leading with 41% of the vote. Roman Reigns has 33% and Dean Ambrose has 26%.

– WWE is keeping quiet when it comes to comments on Batista’s return after promotional material leaked advertising his return for next year. As noted, any mention of his return has been pulled. There was a feeling that maybe WWE leaked the news to generate some buzz for Batista’s return but officials were reportedly very upset at the leak.

  • JAckh45

    Agree with you here, he’s at best a mid-card. Bad on mic skills and is just a Kofi replacement.
    Hate on me all you want, but link me anything to show just how “Main Event” material this guy can be, cause it clearly hasnt been shown in WWE yet.

  • andrew

    I see Funaki being first to hold the WHC before the SHIELD. jk. honestly, any of these lads would be able to carry the championship. the potential is there, however, Roman still is lacking something and i cant put my finger on it. Rollins does indeed have what it takes to make good matches GREAT as well as Ambrose..

  • Johhny

    Welcome to 2013,where mcmahon himself has twitter ect,things are bound to get out very quickly these days

  • ddfindl

    All three of them could hold the WHC one day.

  • Diminish

    I don’t know whats more surprising Reigns not no1 or the fact that Rollins is no1. I actually like Rollins ring abilities better then the other 2 followed by Ambrose who kinda reminds me of Regal a bit.

  • Solid

    If WWE really wanted to keep something a secret, how about only Vince/HHH and the person in question (Batista this time) are the only ones who know about it. add in a lawyer for the contract (who’s bound by confidentiality anyways) and you won’t have a whinge fest when people find out.

  • EaterofWorlds

    Boy, that’s sad. Dean Ambrose is the only one of the group that actually deserves a world championship and they’ve destroyed his credibility to the point that the fans don’t even believe in him over Seth Rollins. Either way, Rollins leading the poll is ridiculous. Him and Ambrose have no shot of becoming WWE Champion, Reigns is the only non world champion on the entire current roster who’s getting a reign.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Seth Rollins….. WTF?!