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WWE Officials Very Upset with Mysterio and Del Rio, More on WWE’s Savage DVD, Merchandise

– WWE’s shop website is running a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale with the code “TSHIRT50” until 3am EST.

– WWE has released a new Cameron t-shirt in time for Total Divas. More new Divas merchandise is rumored to be released soon.

– As noted, WWE will be releasing “The Randy Savage Story” on DVD and Blu-ray this November. The special Collector’s Edition box set with the new 2014 DVD, the 2009 Macho Madness DVD, an exclusive t-shirt, Savage bandana and sunglasses is currently up for pre-order on Amazon for $83.30.

– WWE officials are not happy with Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio right now for working with the AAA promotion in Mexico. WWE is worried about being painted as racists, especially to the Latino community that they have been trying to create a new Superstar for ever since Rey stopped working full-time due to injuries.

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  • oppa

    Rock was never considered a “Black champion” out of respect to his Samoan family and what they have meant to the business. It’s not only disrespectful to his mom’s family, but it also makes him look like the token champion that WWE throws out there as a trivia answer about them using Black people. The comments point out to many that there are more examples of WWE being racist than supportive towards Blacks. Often times it was reported that Mark Henry was being pushed so that more Black fans would show up. Or Del Rio or Rey would be used more so that more Latino fans would show up. If that is true, and you look at WWE’s history, you can’t be surprised or mad when people question how racist WWE really is.

  • CJ

    Why and how would you consider The Rock more Samoan than black, sounds moronic. His dad is Black and his mom is Samoan, every other person that is half black especially here in the US is either looked at as black or mixed black at the very least regardless of the other half. Your comment is non sense. The Rock is the first black WWE champion point blank and period.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Same rhetoric from you racist rednecks.

  • The Queen’s Gambit

    Well, you kicked Del Rio because he defended himself against a racist working for you. So… You kind of dropped the ball right there.

  • Chris E.

    Booker is awesome but my favourite black champion was Ron Simmons. I was happy when Mark Henry got a run as champ. Three guys that I would have liked to see as world champ were Bad News Brown/ Allen, Butch Reed, and Tony Atlas. All three were guys that paid their dues and deserved to carry the world strap. But, yeah, WWE has a history of bad choices with their minority talent (Flash Funk, The Godfather, ugh).

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    When you use The Rock argument it really kills the black never been WWE Champion doesn’t it. Oh they will say he wasn’t all black but he was and he was one of the best did it all on his on. Eddie, Rey and Del Rio also kills the Mexican never getting a WWE title push so the whole WWE is racists is all for nothing. I don’t care if Rey goes to AAA because he really can’t wrestle anymore sorry but it true. Del Rio he came in with the biggest push a Latino every got but he burn out to fast. He just not a big draw again not a big lost. I love Rey since his day in WCW he came into WWE and they made him an even bigger star in American wrestling fans eyes. Think he was better off in WCW hey I was a WCW fan an if a guy like Rey had gotten a WCW title push WCW would still be in business today. WWE push Rey to the moon but his knees are now shot so why keep him under contract. It is business not personally something the dirty sheet will never get.

  • TheFizPop

    ah i see, i remember something about he and a diva, kirsty or kristy or something, but yea i didnt particularly pay much attention to him

  • WreStliNGgUrU33

    Are you guys retarded or something?! How is the rock more Samoan than African American? His mom is straight up Samoan. His dad is black. Last time I checked that made it 50/50. Check your facts before you rash morons. Or at least learn basic math

  • oppa

    He was praised for his look and for what he did in the Army as an military wrestling champion. He was given a lot of serious consideration because of his look, but he left because of different racist things he went through with the company. As part of what he got when he left, he could never talk about what happened or why he left. I think Booker T is in a similar situation with WCW when they faced discrimination lawsuits which explains why he never trashes them publicly.

  • TheFizPop

    From what i remember Lashley was the only non stereotyped black wrestler, i dont remember much of his time, but don’t recall him doing the hip hop thing, but he left

  • Matthew Farrell

    How about the fact that every Japanese wrestler is given a comedy gimmick, complete with stereotypical “oriental” sounding music?

  • Jason Hurley

    You forgot the recently deceased “most of the black guys on the roster” stable with Kofi and company.

  • oppa

    Don’t forget:
    R Truth acting like a cr*ckhe*d talking to his imaginary friend.
    Jazz being a B*tch.
    Eddie and Chavo lying, cheating and stealing from everyone.
    Slick going around talking about catching yard bird.
    Booker T breaking into Stone Cold’s truck to steal it.
    Mark Henry being told by Michael Hayes that Hayes was “more of a ni**a” than he was at an event and nothing happening to Hayes.
    Michael Hayes referring to other black talents as ni**ers and referring to Khali as a “sand ni**er” during creative meetings for years without reprimand.
    Vince telling Carlito to “Sp*ck up his act” during an interview.

  • oppa

    It’s sad that a black kid has as much chance at being WWE champion as he does the President. smh

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    booker T was World Champion, but i think thats about as far as it went… Id never really class Rock as a black champion as he’s more samoan than anything

  • Claud3Giroux

    A black wrestler has never held the belt nor been the face of the company. Closest is The Rock and I still say dude is Samoan. The fact that so many wrestlers of color came through with so much potential and never had a chance is sad, but the truth.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    “WWE is worried about being painted as racists” –

    Kung Fu Naki
    Cryme Tyme
    Barely even once used a Black wrestler as a top guy/serious threat (yes we got booker t in the end but it took him forever to get there… and no the WWE/ECW belt doesn’t count as a major title)

    The Mexicools

    Teddy Longs “White boy” challenge with Rodney mack

    yup cuz they’ve never done that before

  • new8406

    What about El Dorito???

  • Kerwin White

    Time to hire Chavo back lol