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WWE Officials Working on Orton’s Return, Possible Royal Rumble Plans

– Regarding Randy Orton, there have been a number of different ideas on how to handle his injury creatively, since at one point he was set to win the Royal Rumble in his hometown of St. Louis.

Officials have discussed having Orton do a surprise return late in the Rumble, win it and then take more time off to heal leading into WrestleMania 28.

Keeping him off the Rumble and having him return around Elimination Chamber to set up his WrestleMania match has also been discussed.


  • Nicholas G

    See this is all internet rumor he said she said. Nobody new who was going to win the Rumble. I mean there is no way to me to know that for sure. Plus who to say if he won the Rumble he would face Bryan and not CM Punk. You know CM Punk and Randy Orton did have one of the best matches at WM next to HHH vs Undertaker. Anyway it not going to happen Randy Orton most likely out for 6 months. Tonight it will be confirmed.

    I just don’t see Randy Orton winning the Rumble even if he wasn’t injuried. He already has done that an the are pushing more and more young talent. I mean who really though last year Deli Rio would win the Rumble. Looking for somebody different to win the Rumble. My pick if I have to say right now is Wade Barrett. WWE really in need of a top heel right now. An to me Wade Barrett needs to be put in the next stage of his career.

  • JohnnyA

    @Jefferson D’Arcy

    Great post, that’s something i would really want to see.

  • me

    i like orton, i do, and i was glad when he won the RR because it was the right guy at the right time, him winning this one? no, RR should be used to give prestige to oldschoolers who haven’t won before (kane, jericho, both spring to mind) or to build up a new guy (del rio) NOT to give to someone as a throw away victory that they don’t need.

  • Liam

    Im from england, and i was using shortened Txt Words instead of properly spelt words, geeze didnt no this was an english lesson, 17 people liked my comments so obviously they understood it. get a life and stop bein smart ass’s!

  • Soulshroude

    Damn, Liam… learn some proper grammar a few of us can’t read ebonics or shorthand. That and half your post made no sense!

  • Joker

    if jericho comes back..he should win rumble..if not I would rather see Kane do it….orton sucks

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Bullshit on Orton winning the Rumble. He doesn’t need it. I’m not even a huge fan of the guy, but Sheamus should win the Rumble. The guy’s on a hell of a roll right now and IF they let Bryan keep the title till Mania, which I doubt, then Bryan vs. Sheamus should be a hell of a title match at Mania. You know, since they got fucked out of their US title match this year. I was actually looking forward to that match too. So a year later, for the World title, I’d be down with that. And it’s something different for once. You already got Rock vs. Cena, and most like Triple H vs. Undertaker 3, so the title matches can afford to be different since you already have your main attractions. Like CM Punk vs. Jericho for the WWE title is something I hope we see. So why not Bryan vs. Sheamus for the Smackdown brand. Orton can feud with fucking anybody, doesn’t matter, you know he’ll win anyway. Or have Christian beat him CLEAN for once. I wouldn’t bank on it happening, but WWE needs to stop blowing Cena and Orton for a while. At least in the title picture.

  • Stevie P

    Why have Orton win when you have a ton of other guys who are healthy and can look like a winner instead of having Orton enter last or whatever makes him look weak. The whole “entering 1st or 2nd” makes the winner look stronger anyways. Let the guy heal and he can still have a main event match at WM anyways.

  • Bawb



  • bonerjams

    Kane for royal rumble winner

  • Prince

    No way Orton wins the Rumble. Way too predictable, even for Vince to do. Won’t happen.

  • chronoxiong

    Orton doesn’t need to win the Rumble. He won it once already and it will be boring if he wins it again. I don’t care if the event is held in St. Louis.

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    Have Barrett win, brag about how he won in ortons home town, let orton heal, and let the feud pick back up after mania. Problem solved.

  • d

    dear wwe, randy orton does not need to win the royal rumble to be in the main event let someone else win while the guy heals

  • venom

    I hope Orton doesn’t win the Rumble. Obviously he can’t give us 100% effort in a Wrestlemania match if he’s still healing. They should let Barrett or Sheamus win the Rumble.

  • Bill

    Chris Jericho should win the Rumble. I mean, when he returns, he can’t just get a title shot. It wouldn’t make much sense. Orton’s done it before, so I’ll say no to him winning in 2012.

  • Jimbo

    I KNEW IT!

    I freaking called it. I KNEW Orton was supposed to win the Rumble and he’d go on and win the WHC at WM28 against Bryan.

    Either way, it makes for boring TV, in my opinion. Either he’s injured and comes back and wins the title almost immediately or he’s healthy and wins the rumble.

  • Nick

    Im not watching if this happens, I dont mind having Orton in the Main event at Mania, but there are other ways, like when rey won, they just added orton, why not just add orton into the Mania Match

  • AUSTIN316

    I wish Randy the best and to heel fast, but please dont make him win the rumble, they’res so many others that could win.

  • John

    I must say that the idea of him winning the rumble makes me regret buying tickets…

  • LSC

    Oh Boy, Randy Boreton winning the Royal Rumble, no shock is it

  • Devil_Rising

    What a great idea. Have Danielson win the World Title, just to have him lose it to Orton, who’s been Champ 116 times already, at WM. How lame.

    Also, @Liam….dude, no offense, but learn how to spell.

  • Liam

    The randy orton royal rumble win has already been done, hes gunna be on wrestlemania card anyways, they cud give it to some1 whos neva won it before an who deserves it the most, and not give it some1 whos a rookie an getting a push like del rio did… look how that turned out, he got stale so quick. if u look at past rumble winners they have all earned there victory with years of hard work for wwe.

    My ideal candidate wud be Kane, hes been in more royal rumbles than any1 (to my knowledge) and always comes up short, when u think of the royal rumble kane is always in every1s back of mind, with eliminating the most people in 1 single rumble. He is MR ROYAL RUMBLE. haha

  • Gary

    so with a real bad spine injury that was suppose to take 6 months, they gna work him, risk ending his career just to get him into a WM match? Everytime a new Orton story comes out, it pushes more and more that the injury isnt as bad as WWE is playing it