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WWE Doing More Online Angles, Backstage Talk on Vince’s Reaction to the WWE Divas

– WWE is planning on running more angles on their website by pushing matches based off those online angles.

– It’s said that Vince McMahon has developed a love-hate relationship with the WWE Divas. The mentality is that both RAW and SmackDown have to have one segment with the Divas. Vince is convinced that Divas segment is needed because it draws in a certain demographic.

When the Divas segments and matches are actually going on, it’s said that Vince feels they are a waste of time. This is part of the reason he has Michael Cole act the way he does when the Divas are out.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Ron Paul

    Back in the late 90’s most people didn’t have internet access and TV in general was pretty adverse to showing “scantily clad females” for the sake of showing them. Seeing Sunny, Sable, Marlena, the Nitro Girls, etc… probably was a big plus for getting and keeping the male audience.

    Nowadays, free porn is everywhere on the internet, and most TV shows have no problem pushing the limits of acceptable nudity and softcore porn behavior.

    If the Divas were unbelievably attractive girls running around in the underwear. I could see the appeal. But they’re not. In fact, most of them aren’t attractive at all.

    If the Divas were amazing wrestlers, cutting promos and putting on entertaining matches. I could see the appeal. But they’re not. Most matches are terrible, and with a few exceptions they can’t cut promos.

    They need to either acquire all of the serious female wrestling talent, and create a legitimately competitive division. Or they need to get rid of most of them, and have the remaining few acts as valets.


  • Paton

    he should build it up or just get rid of it. it makes horrible TV just now

  • BlaH

    eve & kk always have a look on the face in the ring “like what do I next” ( very robot like)
    while Natty & Beth just flow in the ring. IMO

  • Steve

    It’s past time for Vince to step down. If WWE actually tried to train their female wrestlers and gave some real time to their development, the Divas division would be a decent draw. Right now, he’s got models that prance around. No wonder it’s boring! Women can wrestle just as good as men if given the chance. Sadly, 95% of the “Divas” are just pretty girls wanting to make a quick buck in the wrestling biz….. not wrestlers looking to fulfill a lifetime dream. So very sad.

  • venom

    That’s the point of having this division if McMahon feels this way. This is why it’s horrible.