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WWE Opens New Office, Regal Comments on His New NXT Role, Barrett Off Twitter

– WWE announced yesterday that they have opened a new office in Miami, Florida. The office will serve as WWE’s headquarters for all operations in Latin America including Media Distribution, Live Event Touring, Consumer Products and more.

– Wade Barrett wrote yesterday that he is done with Twitter and will return to the social networking site in a few months.

– William Regal wrote the following about his new role on WWE NXT:

“With my new job as matchmaker for WWE NXT things will be very different and never the same again.Greatness is expected from competitors. And for the competitors that don’t show me greatness,oh dear.”

Regal also noted that he will still be doing commentary.

  • voice of reason

    my only complaint about william regal is that he is way underutilized in the wwe he is a great performer an amazing manager & generally a good guy i just feel that william has fallen off the radar & has become forgotten i say bring him back into the fold & use his fucking talents.

  • MJ

    William regal is one of the most underrated guys in the wwe!

    This guy can wrestle his ass off, he can be a great manager, he’s amazing in a manager role, this guy is the greatest person on commentary since J.R and i say that because i have never heard michael cole or josh matthewd put over anyone like william regal has been doing on NXT! If anyone thinks that this guy doesn’t deserve respect after busting his ass for years in wcw and the wwe then that person that thinks that is a assclown!

    Ever since i saw him vs chris benoit lock horns and saw how much those guys were willing to give us i will always respect will regal!

  • scooter

    want the facts okay
    regal is the most underrated wrestler ever FACT!
    the guy is an incredible worker and his mic skills are almost as good as his in ring abillity. Regal can be good in any role be it a comedy character or a serious one he makes it work and I think by looking at the guy thats the current world champion you can tell he’s a pretty good mentor!

  • CC

    @Gorilla. You have never shown any greatness, so wtf are you doing judging somebody elses greatness?

  • LSC

    Kurt Angle now hacking Wade Barrett’s account

  • Sean Mooney

    I really wish we got to see more of Regal’s biggest push before he was suspended the second time. I believe Foley was referring to him in his latest book when he said, “my friend swore to me he was innocent and didn’t take steroids” when referring to a drug suspension ending the biggest push of a wrestler’s career around the same time Regal was suspended.

  • Gorilla

    Oh dear lol you never showed us greatness so wtf you doing giving threats dumbass