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WWE Paid Big Money for New TV Shows, WWE Star Expecting a Child

– It’s believed WWE is getting at least $100,000 per week for the new Main Event TV show on the Ion Network. This figure is believed because they were getting that much for Superstars before it left regular TV. They are also getting paid between $60,000 and $75,000 per week for Saturday Morning Slam and around $175,000 for the new third hour of RAW each week.

– We noted earlier that Alberto Del Rio’s entire family was at the recent WWE NXT live event where he teamed with his brother Memo Montenegro and Ricardo Rodriguez. The Herald reports that Del Rio and his wife are expecting a girl, their second child.

Del Rio’s family that was present for the tag match included his mother, his wife, their two-year old son, Memo’s girlfriend plus family friend and indy wrestler Pablo Marquez. His wife recorded the match to show to their father, Dos Caras. Del Rio’s mother traveled all the way from Mexico to watch the match.

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  • kk

    pablo marquez? haven’t seen him (babu) for a while.

  • S_Napalm

    Congrats to Del Rio!

    I’m 7 weeks away from becoming a Dad for the first time myself, exciting times.

    And fear not I’ll make sure my daughter knows Real Pro Wrestling and not this watered down bullshit. PG is fine but the booking these days is awful

  • JohnCena33

    Congrats to Del Rio.

  • nick

    alberto has a wife? i thought he was gay with his annoucner

  • Seth

    Del Rio’s family WHO was present. C’mon Marc, you should be better than that.