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WWE Partners with Shazam, The Miz Donates to Charity

– Starting this Monday WWE will promote a new social media partnership with Shazam.

The website says WWE and Shazam have partnered up to make select WWE entrance videos and theme songs available for Shazam users to purchase. There will also be options to buy WWE merchandise and tickets to live events.

– The Miz told the New York Post that he donated last year’s financial winnings from the Celebrity Fantasy Football Kick-off event to Charity.

“Obviously, I work for a living, I’m a WWE Superstar for a living, but winning this gave a bunch of Make-a-Wish participants happy because I donated the money I won last year to that charity.”

  • Buttercastle

    A lot of your guys comments made me think why certain top superstars are dicks to people when it’s those very people that made them who they are. I used to hate Miz but the dude works his ass off does so much publicity and now with his movie I’ve grown to like the guy. Plus donating to charity doesn’t hurt.

  • scooter

    Generally (not always)the top Faces tend to be arrogant because their the merch sellers and their the guys making the most money where as the top heels are usually guys who just do their job and are respectful to everyone in the lockerroom. WWE is probably different because I don’t hear many people talk bad about Cena or Punk but thats the way it works on the indys a lot of the time.

  • rko

    Miz is a nice guy. He used to be an arrogant dick before. Just watch his reality tv history. I guess wrestling made him humble.

  • The_electrifying_one

    I guess it’s true what they say. Sometimes the best bad guys (not just in wrestling but on tv and in film aswell) turn out to be the nicest guys in real life.

  • Robinson

    Miz just seems like a perfect born heel but is probably the coolest Guy to meet and/or hang out with.