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More on WWE Payback Changes, How WWE Deals with Concussions Now, Yoshi Tatsu

– Yoshi Tatsu tweeted the following during Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings:

“I was involved a strange incident in the locker room tonight! I’ll beat the criminal when I find out!”

– We noted before that Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan was scheduled for WWE Payback at one point. The Usos vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the WWE Tag Team Titles was also scheduled. Those plans changed sometime in the last week and a half, and now we have Orton and Bryan teaming to face Rollins and Reigns.

– WWE has a new way of dealing with concussions. If a wrestler shows indications of a concussion, or is diagnosed with one, they are immediately pulled from the ring and can’t return until they pass the Impact testing. In the case of talents who have passed the test but aren’t put back in the ring to wrestle, it’s because they also have to show no signs of any post-concussion syndrome, plus be able to engage in physical contact activity without any signs of headache, fogginess or nausea. A talent must pass Impact testing, exertion tests and have one of WWE’s doctors clear them before they return.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Skip Becker

    I could see that. Headgear at least. It will be looked at in a way similar to how football players must have been perceived when they began wearing pads and helmets.

  • Will Henderson

    with WWE’s new take on the concussion issue, i have a feeling we may be seeing helmets be introduced in pro wrestling in a couple of years to prevent severe concussions. it may suck to see your favorite wrestlers wear helmets but better safe then sorry