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WWE Makes a Payment to WWF, Trish Releasing Yoga for Men, NXT

– With MLB legend Joe Carter, former WWE Diva Trish Stratus will be releasing a new yoga DVD for men. “Stratusphere Yoga for Men” was filmed earlier this year and includes candid interviews with both stars. The DVD will be released in October.

– In a funny error from WWE’s website, there was a NXT graphic on last week that featured a background shot of a wrestling ring. Whoever made the graphic used a photo of a TNA ring because you could clearly read “Impact” on the turnbuckle pads.

– PWInsider confirms that there was a recent settlement between WWE and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which allows WWE to use their old WWF logo on footage. WWE made some kind of payment to the World Wildlife Fund. WWE is allowed to use the WWF logo and say WWF over footage as long as it is old footage. For example, WWE couldn’t have a Legend come out on RAW next week, cut a promo and talk about how he used to hold the WWF Title and wrestle on WWF pay-per-views.

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  • AbrahomerSimpson

    The two companies had an agreement that WWE willingly and knowingly violated. They didn’t really have anyone to blame but themselves. The World Wildlife Fund was completely in the right, initially.

    That said, they are still a bunch of petty assholes. A lot of money they collected went to lawyers fighting to sue WWE instead of helping the animals. They also tried to sue for I think like 400 million dollars in damages, which is absurd. Fortunately, that was thrown out for obviously being bullshit.

    The whole thing could have been avoided on WWE’s part but neither company looks too good in the aftermath.

  • Jeremy

    @ devil_rising Couldn’t have said it better

  • Devil_Rising

    The whole lawsuit was stupid as hell in the first place. It should still be called the WWF. The World Wildlife Fund is a great organization that does a lot of good. But whoever runs that thing are some real petty assholes, who either wanted the wrong kind of attention, or want to get money the wrong way. Considering they waited 20 some-odd years to file the suit in the first place. And as if anyone was actually going to confuse World Wrestling Federation with World Wildlife Fund………at ANY point……

    That’s about as stupid as if the U.S. tried to sue every other nation on earth with “Red White and Blue” as their flag colors.

  • Jim

    About fucking time we no longer see blurred logos but also means that a lot of DVDs I’ve bought are wasted as they’ll be re-released.

  • BlaH

    Touch’em all Joe!!!
    walk-off hr to win the WS
    what could be better