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WWE Planning More Long-term Booking, RAW Trends, Palumbo Update, Bret Hart

– Bret Hart has been announced for Signamania VII on September 24th from Bucks County Tech School in Fairless Hills, PA. Several other stars will be appearing including Bobby Heenan, Lex Luger, WCW’s Nitro Girls, Finlay, Sunny, Kevin Nash and more.

– Former WWE Superstar Chuck Palumbo revealed on Twitter that he’s returning to the ring soon. He wrote: “Looks like i may be back in the ring in Oct.Looking forward to it! Have some fun and hang out with some old friends.”

– Keith Stone, CM Punk, Jim Ross, Zack Ryder and other terms were trending on Twitter last night during RAW.

– WWE is looking to go “old school” with the booking process in the sense that they will be planning several months out and working backwards. Expect to see lots more long-term planning from here on out. WWE is very happy with how they announced John Cena vs. The Rock for WrestleMania 28 in advance and how both Superstars have managed to keep the feud alive online.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • venom

    Wow, a sad pathetic loser pretending to be me. I definatley can see a Punk vs HHH at mania.

  • Evil Doink

    @ CiB and JIR, I agree, I would have expected a run-in/distraction/interruption by Punk during the title match. That would have made more sense, as if Punk was boycotting the new belt/champion. Summerslam is still 3 weeks away, they could have drawn it out another week or two anyway…

    As far as the old-school booking, it is a great idea but maybe only in theory? 25 years ago, they took almost a year to build up to Wrestlemanias, and it worked then, but nowadays there is too much wrestling on TV every week, things move faster, internet, people have ADD, etc.

  • rocky sucks

    cenasucks you are an idiot,this fued{cena vs the rock} is boring. they are both morons. it’s an online fued and every week they say the same crap. i hate cena too but can you tell me when was the last time you saw your guy rocky on wwe tv? maybe he will grace us with his presence on his half-birthday

  • RAMSES 2


  • JIR

    I would have been happy to have Punk interrupt the Miz v. Rey match from the crowd with a megaphone just to undermine the match and new champion

  • CiB

    @ rick

    Something had to happen on Raw, probably involving Punk to undermine the legitmacy of whomever was crowned the new champion. Personally, I’d have had Punk run in through the crowd during the Miz/Rey match, interfere to make it a no contest, steal the new belt and run away through the crowd while being pursued by security. I.e. Punki prevents new champion being crowned.

  • venom

    I could keep the excitement going by letting The Rock and John Cena fuck me in the ass at wrestlemania 28.

  • CenaSucks

    Both superstars havent kept it alive. Rock has kept it alove, because he is The Rock, no other superstar couldget excitement like this going. The angle is exciting despite Cena, not because of him, huge difference

  • rick

    Long term? Makes Punk return even more confusing. Maybe they want to get a Punk/HHH fued happening soon so they can slowly build it for Wrestlemania.