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WWE Planning Major Viral Campaign, Last Minute Changes To Raw, Ted DiBiase

— A “major” viral campaign will be starting imminently on It will be pushed strongly beginning next Monday.

— Everything taking place on tonight’s Raw SuperShow was approved at the last minute. The episode’s content had changed three times since creative heads arrived to Greensboro, North Carolina, the site of tonight’s show.

— WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase appears for 3XWrestling on June 8 in Grimes, Iowa and June 9 in Boone, Iowa. (Event details)

— Smith Hart remembered his late brother Owen via Twitter: “Today marks the anniversary of my brother Owen’s birth. I like to take this time to remember the wonderful moments we had together.”


  • B

    There was a weird advert saying “The Revolution is Coming” playing before a WWE video I watched today on the site, clicking on it just brought me back to so I assume it’s that.

  • Devil_Rising

    A company that actually knew how to run itself professionally and efficiently, would have storylines and feuds and angles mapped out months, let alone weeks in advance. It’s funny that in the “Monday Night Wars” DVD, people kept talking shit about how WCW had no idea what it was doing most of the time, and how you’d never know what the plan was until it was time for your match, because people would keep changing their minds.

    Well? Seems like Vince does the same goddamn thing. He’s not a very good manager, if you ask me.

  • Steve

    A viral campaign? Is Melina coming back?

  • misfit del rio

    Happy Birthday Owen… just like everyone else my fav Owen memory was him vs bret at wrestlemani 10. Classic. Nugget Nugget Nugget…. Owen r.i.p.