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WWE Still Planning on Punk vs. Ryback, Backstage News on TLC

– This could always change but at last word, there are no title changes planned for WWE’s TLC pay-per-view. Right now champions scheduled to defend include United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston and World Heavyweight Champion Big Show.

Internally, Dolph Ziggler is expected to retain his Money in the Bank briefcase against John Cena.

– WWE has confirmed that the Ryback vs. CM Punk WWE Title match will still be taking place, likely on an upcoming episode of RAW since Punk’s next pay-per-view match will be against The Rock at the Royal Rumble.

Punk is expected to be ready for the New Year’s Eve edition of RAW, which will be taped a few days earlier in Washington, DC. Still, WWE may not put Ryback vs. Punk on that show because it’s guaranteed to do a low rating. The match may take place on the January 7th RAW, which goes head-to-head with the BCS Championship game. The January 14th RAW is possible but that may be too close to the Royal Rumble for Ryback to get his title shot. Either way, the match is scheduled to take place soon.


  • Bmark

    mmmmmmm tu mama

  • i like it. I want a “losing streak” angle where ryback is about to finish opponents then gets run-in by the shield – do this for 4 weeks +1 ppv cycle, then book ryback against them the next ppv with 4 weeks losing matches by interference to buildup.

    This will strengthen his character long term and give him something he overcame – this way he can be evaluated before being given an impulsive title run, and it can be booked correctly. He finally gets his title shot but he has to face the big show. uh-oh. After getting beat down 4 weeks post-match, he finally wins the belt, overcoming another obstacle.

    Finally, once he has the belt he is attacked by wade barrett, who demands a title shot and administers a backstage beatdown to set the pace for a last man standing match. This will give him a good first defense feud and set up a good reign, even if not the longest; and leave ryback with a character who had to work hard and overcome tough challenges.

    Then he can turn heel, and be legit feared because he is a “hard working, intense warrior”. This kind of heel is rare, and takes time to build, but if done correctly, ryback can learn from the right workers, and improve; earning what he has so far received and continue to receive.

  • miked982

    I miss backlash, it was always a great follow up to wrestlemania

  • Damien Phoenix

    Just have the WWE Title match at the 20th Anniversary edition of Raw, that’s in January

  • Robinson

    I miss king of the ring

  • TheSheepDog

    why even have the match at all? I mean we all know punk aint losing and we really dont want another interruption for an ending.

  • Zedd

    I miss Armageddon.

  • xXx

    new year’s revolution is a better ppv than tlc

  • Sam Peters

    may as well just do it on the 7th January episode to get it out the way with