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WWE Posts Injury Update on Randy Orton and His Dad After Tuesday’s SmackDown

– As seen on Tuesday’s live SmackDown special, Kane attacked “Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr. and then attacked his son Randy Orton. WWE’s website posted a storyline update saying that both Ortons were taken to a local medical facility on Tuesday night for treatment.

According to the article, WWE Dr. Michael Samson examined them before releasing them Tuesday night. Bob Orton suffered bruising and abrasions and the doctor requested x-rays and possibly an MRI to provide further diagnosis. It was later noted by Josh Mathews that Orton’s dad suffered abdominal injuries.

Regarding Randy Orton’s injury from the attack, they wrote:

“The onslaught Randy Orton suffered to his back and abdomen, thanks The Big Red Monster’s metal pipe, also left visual bruising and abrasions. With the history of WWE’s Apex Predator’s back problems – including a herniated disc injury that took him out of action – Dr. Samson stressed that every precaution will be taken before a more concrete diagnosis is determined.”

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