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WWE Posts Injury Update On Randy Orton, How Long He May Be Sidelined has released details concerning Randy Orton’s condition following an injury he suffered at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping, including how long The Viper could be sidelined.

Although the full extent of his injury remains to be seen, WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson examined Orton and updated on his condition.

“Randy suffered a herniated disc on the L4-L5 level on the left side, and that’s resulting in pain and weakness down his leg.” Sampson explained. “He’s going to need some time off for rehab, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy.” adds that the injury could keep him sidelined for a few weeks.

Sheamus will replace Orton in Street Fights against Wade Barrett at WWE live events this week.

  • MarcTheTalent

    Legit injury could be out for 6 months. Cant say that i like that he got hurt. Cus u never wish an injury on some1. However i think it be interesting without him. Face it orton face was getting played out.

  • Dan

    @moles1 Orton is on his last strike wellness policy wise, so he’d be gone completely if it was a drugs problem. Though with Orton’s current standing in the locker room as the top face on Smackdown, I can easily see WWE paving over any violation if he were to fail a drug test.

  • people do get hurt you know….stop reading so much into this..

  • moles1

    its all bullshit a few weeks means about 30days which mean its to do with drugs but beacause the wwe love him so much for some reason thay are making up a injury ,,,, he will be back in 30 days come back at the rumble which is in his own town and win the rumble …. wwe is so predictable these days

  • UTA

    anyone who wishes that an injury could end anyones career is sick in the head. i like many wrestling fans don’t like John Cena but i would never wish a career ending injury on him i hope Orton heels soon as Smackdown needs his level of star on friday nights

  • venom

    He should take the 6 months to rest. He doesn’t want to end up like Edge.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    I hope he heals quickly but I hope he takes as much time he needs to recover.

  • Gary

    The show was in indianapolis, I happened to be on the right side of the ramp. after the show cut, orton made his way to the back pretty quick and not limping. When outside, we got to watch a few people get into they cars (or rentals) and who’d thunk, orton walks stright to his car, no issues…From someone who was there LIVE, this injury is a angle…im not 100% cause im not orton or his doctor, but from my eyes dude was walkin prettttty good for a dude with spinal issues

  • Nightentity

    Hey look it is the two troll idiots Zane and Alucard. Now Randy Orton has been in the spotlight for a long time. However, he still receives a great crowd response and he does push the younger talent. I do hope he takes a long break and comes back as a heel. He plays that role so much better.

  • Adam

    Orton injury is legit, hope he back sooner rather than later. Get well Randy. Also some stupid fans above who heartless saying there glad he hurt dont wish anyone be hurt, its pathetic.

  • Zane

    @ Alucard420 Totally agree with you

  • why couldn’t Orton be out of action 4 good. 🙁

  • 3117

    angle. to have him come out to a cheap bigger pop in his hometown for royal rumble. he will come out soaking up the pop,stand staring down wade, then rush the ring to take out his “rage” on wade. predictable

  • hbk fan

    angle i bet to make barrett a legit heel

  • Rucdogg

    So is this a legit injury or an angle?

  • Emerson

    @goober the difference is that I doubt your a professional athelete, He can get over this injury pretty easily considering he has the money and oppurtuinity to do nothing but rehab and get better.

  • Whatever

    this sucks, you don’t wish anybode a injury.
    Let’s hope that he will back soon…

  • Austin of TWFS

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  • Goober

    Um, yeah, I’m no Randy Orton, but I had the same problem with my L4-L5 and had months of therapy. Nobody in their right mind should or would get back in the ring in mere weeks, sorry. Herniated discs are no laughing matter.

  • MaNic

    smackdown can have Cena take it as a belated Christmas gift.