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WWE Posts Raw Title Change List, Cena Comments on Live Event

– John Cena commented about tonight WWE Live show in Laredo, TX on Twitter, writing, “Alright Laredo,#steelhorse gallops into town, get that bowl of #fruitypebbles and come to the Laredo Energy Arena at 730 to see @WWE”

– WWE published an article showcasing all the world title changes that taken place on Raw. Here are a few title changes listed.

* Sycho Sid defeating Bret Hart for the WWE Championship (02/17/97)

* Mankind defeating The Rock for the WWE Championship (01/04/99)

* Booker T defeating Kurt Angle for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship (07/30/2001)

* CM Punk defeating Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship (06/30/08)

  • Jeremy Hunt

    I’ll never forget when I was at Raw with my 2 friends and we saw Edge beat RVD and Cena in a triple threat for the WWE title! We were part of the 5% losing their minds for Edge haha