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WWE Posts Storyline Feature on Zack Ryder’s Internet Title

– WWE’s website has a new article up asking fans if it’s time for the Internet Title that Zack Ryder has to be featured. Here are some quotes from Ryder:

“Two of the four WWE programs in the U.S. are only on the internet. Everything is on the internet. People watch TV on their computer or on their phones or iPads. There should be an Internet Championship in WWE. They should be bribing me to defend my title on the internet, on television, wherever.”

“They were some great TV Champions and guys that went on to become World Champions. It’s the same idea. The Internet Championship is a way to show people what I’m all about. I’ve created the Ryder Revolution.”

“I’m never going to defend this title. I’ve earned this championship. I won it fair and square. My YouTube show has more than four million views, I dominate Twitter. I’m the first champion, I’m the last champion, I’m the only champion.”

  • venom

    Orton will just RKO him and take his title in 3 seconds in a complete squash match.

  • Edo. Risk

    The concept can’t be defended. Ryder is the legitimate Internet Champion, if someone want to take that belt from him they need to create a more succesful internet show…

    But the idea of a Title to defended in regular tv time in … say in WWE SUPERSTARS, can give guys like Hawkings, Reks, Ryder, Tatsu, Kidd, and other the TV time to shine or not and gain the momentum to rise up if they can handle it.

  • TheMark

    Never going to defend it? He already has a few times…

  • Omar

    The last quote is where he lost me. Shows that the concept is not longterm.

  • Effmenow

    Zack Ryder making history once again. AMAZING.