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WWE Posts Storyline Injury Updates On Big Show and Sin Cara

Coordinating with angles involving Big Show and Sin Cara last night at Money in the Bank, WWE stated this afternoon that both Superstars suffered “substantial injuries.”

As a result of Henry’s brutal assault following their match at Money in the Bank, initial reports from medical technicians treating Big Show reported that Henry’s vicious actions have left the star of Knucklehead with a distal fracture of the fibula that will keep him out of action for six to eight weeks.

The injury occurred moments after Henry secured victory, when he wrapped a chair around Big Show’s ankle, ascended the ropes and brought all of his weight down on his opponent’s leg. also discovered if his injury had been more serious than originally thought, Big Show could have been sidelined for up to four months.

Regarding Sin Cara, WWE says he suffered an injury during SmackDown’s Money in the Bank match, when Sheamus viciously powerbombed the masked grappler from the ring apron through a steel ladder. The SmackDown Superstar was quickly stretchered to the back by paramedics. According to WWE, early medical reports have concluded that Sin Cara suffered a posterior fractured rib and will be out of action for at least four weeks.

Coincidentally, WWE announced this morning that Sin Cara was suspended for 30 days due to a Wellness Policy violation.

  • K Roy

    uuuuuum yaaaa, it actually was wood painted silver cm sucks, look at the colour difference, and not to mention why would there be a WARNING STICKER right at the exact point where the steel “broke”, so you clearly are the dumbass…and a troll…and a fucktard…

  • cenaWWE

    i downloaded it i can check it out in super slow-mo while zoomed in


    keylo u stupid FUCK that was a warning sticker not brown of the wood u dumb ass

  • keylo

    Steel ladder ah hahaha, you could clearly see the brown of the wood, the down side WWE in using HD or not getting the angle of view right.

  • kpnuttzlol

    So what happened to the Miz then? I know he hobbled back into the match but he got pushed from the ladder and that was it.

  • Titan

    An injury on the cena knee will keep him out of action for at least 16 hours

  • Will Henderson

    i bet the work injury is to let Big Show get some time off to do some acting work of some sort, like a new movie for WWE films.

  • Prince

    Seeing as the title says “Storyline Injury Updates” it’s a work.

  • D2K

    So was Show’s injury a work or legit?