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WWE PPV Draws Second Worst Buy Number Of All-Time, Kane’s Masked History

— WWE’s Vengeance pay-per-view event on October 23, 2011 garnered 130,000 buys overall—70,000 in North America and 60,000 overseas.

With the exception of the disastrous December to Dismember pay-per-view event in 2006, Vengeance is the lowest-selling domestic pay-per-view event in WWE history—dating back to the infancy of pay-per-view in the 1980s. December to Dismember, which was branded as an ECW event, drew 55,000 buys in North America.

Vengeance was headlined by Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match, Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a World Heavyweight Championship Match, and Awesome Truth vs. CM Punk and Triple H.

— Peculiar videos of Kane’s mask set on fire have announced his apparent “resurrection.” presents a photo history of the Big Red Monster and his mask.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Zach D

    Everyone complains about the state of the WWE but we really should be thankful for the competitors we get the privelage to watch in the ring. Think about 10 or 15 years from now. There will be no more John Cena, CM Punk, Miz, Sheamus, Big Show, HHH. All we will have is evan Bourne as world champion on smackdown and Wade Barrett WWE champ on Raw. For those of us that got to watch Undertaker, HBK, etc, we should be honored

  • venom

    I thinks this ppv wasn’t that bad. I am sure the poor buy rates is due to the lack of advertising the ppv. Throwing in matches at the day of the ppv doesn’t help sell it either.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    May be wrong here but it seems to me that if they were going to bring Kane back with the mask on, then they would not be showing it burning in the video promo.

  • scooter

    see thats the thing the whole ppv was predictable del over cena awesome truth over punk and triple h due to interference from nash how many people said that weeks in advance gotta keep it fresh guys I’m sure survivor series did better because of the rock and TLC will do well due to the possibility of bryan cashing in but come on some unique ideas please!

  • ohhh u didnt no

    Hhh vs punk was such a botch job they ruined that

  • RAMSES 2

    the best match was del rio vs cena the rest was a shit load of crap

  • bonerjams

    Well keep in mind wwe has to contend with world boxing championship and ultimate fighting champion. I dont know how much difference this does in ppv buys. But lack of creativeness has a lot to do with it.

  • poko

    Cena vs. Del Rio just does not ignite the imagination. Both are good workers, but both also need an adversary with some semblance of personality to make their matches exciting. It’s the bland leading the bland.

    I like Del Rio, and think he should be a solid mid-card guy, but he is never going to carry a pay-per-view in the Main Event. This is what creative gets by making everyone look weak during the Super Cena run. He’s squashed almost everyone the roster at least once, so it’s almost like they have to keep bringing in new guys for him to fight.

    The WWE also never seems to learn that big and slow does not play well against big and slow. Guys like Henry and Show need a contrasting style to highlight what they can bring to a match, which is strength. Goliath versus Goliath interests no-one.

  • KGM Da Master

    Vengeance was garbage. Enough said.

  • Jimbo

    Let me guess, Truth, Miz, and Punk will get the blame and not Cena, Del Rio, Henry, and Big Show.

  • ##

    Glen Jacobs last years in wrestling should be as the MASKED Kane.

  • Bill

    Not suprised. Maybe if WWE did some more dynamic storylines, then PPVs would be good. I stream most PPVs. I was expecting a nWo formation at Vengeance……. glad I didn’t waste my money.

  • Sam Tha Great

    One PPV a month will be good, give the feuds time to build up. I’m not dishing out 60 bucks every 3 weeks to see Cena win.

  • Tyler(:

    I’ve said Sammo’s a jackass before in the comment sections. I now see that I was correct.

  • John Cena, Sr.

    Hopefully WWE will learn that Alberto DelRio doesn’t sell tickets.

  • Evil Doink

    I agree with several comments above. The market is oversaturated with PPVs, and our screens are oversaturated with Cena matches. 13 PPVs a year is too many for most people to shell out the bucks for. I personally will buy maybe 2 or 3 PPVs a year, 1st being Royal Rumble and 2nd probably Wrestlemania, then possibly Summerslam. That’s about all I can handle.

    If they are going to continue to have this many PPVs, they need to mix it up more with different talents that we don’t normally see. Also, why do all title feuds get a minimum 3 match program, regardless of how bad they suck?

  • josh

    phoenix i totally agree, i miss back in 02-05 when each brand had their own PPV which created better fueds, product and character development. people are sick of seeing john cena every PPV headlining on top those PPV’s every 3 weeks

  • phoenix

    PPV’s are so watered down they have one every month 2 in October I mean there not special anymore like they use to be. I think a solution would be to have them every other month and drop the “In your House” PPV’s and work more on buildups to make them a better product.

  • stockshark

    I wish they would have let the imposter Kane angle play out.

  • Totally gonna mark out when I see kane come back with the mask

  • stockshark

    @Shawn who told you that was it me cause I was drunk and talking a bunch off crap about TNA cause my trailer burnt down and my dog had just ran away so please just scrap that comment ok! Thanks Bud.

  • erik

    well maybe people are tired of supercena aka hogan 2.0 getting cram down there throats?

  • Jerry Lynn

    It’s almost been 10 years since Kane lost the mask, would be the time.

  • Sammo

    How can anyone be surprised that Vengeance bombed? That’s what happens when you put Mark Henry and Big Show – two fat, limited, over-the-hill performers who haven’t been over with fans in a decade (or two decades in Henry’s case) – in the main event.

    Anyone who dislikes this comment obviously frequently has sex with their sister.

  • Shawn

    And it still did more buys than all the TNA PPVs since 2002! At least that’s what I’m told to believe. 😉