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WWE Pulls AJ from TLC, Gunn Hired for WWE Developmental?, Eve

– We noted that WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres visited the offices of Cosmopolitan magazine on Monday. She was there to give self-defense tips for women. The article can be read at She listed the following:

* Embrace girl power
* Know your enemy
* Don’t phone it in
* Help a sister out
* Shout it out
* Scream, kick, punch
* Don’t panic
* Go on the offensive

– WWE has removed AJ Lee from the “Santa’s Little Helper’s” #1 contender’s battle royal set for the WWE TLC pre-show. Cameron and Naomi have been added in her place. The match will now feature 9 Divas – Cameron, Naomi, Kaitlyn, Layla, Natalya, Rosa Mendes, Tamina Snuka, Aksana and Alicia Fox.

– There are reports that WWE has signed former DX member Billy Gunn (Kip Sopp) as a NXT developmental trainer. Gunn has done some work with developmental talents at NXT earlier this year and it was reported after RAW 1000 that officials may bring him back as a trainer.

  • yofitz

    billy gunn is AWEEEESOMEEEE!

    billy gunn vs dolph ziggler at wrestlemania, book it VINCE!

  • eric

    Well dophl ziggler is billy gunn rip off!

  • The Sword of Enlightenment

    Yea cboz, she gonna cost cena the match in line for a heel turn…

  • Cboz78

    Kip is his middle name, his first name is Monty. So you have Monty Kip Sopp. 🙂

  • My Morning Jacket

    NAO reunion to help out the tag team scene.

  • mabry

    @adam, yea, i really dont know Cameron, but i guess they took aj out for some reason… or not… you never know with wwe…

  • adam

    Ya i know naomi is but adding cameron and taking aj out is horrible

  • mabry

    @adam, i dont know about cameron, but Naomi is a wrestler!!!

  • Best In The World

    Kip Sopp what a name lol

  • Jeff

    It’s the pre show who gives a crap?

  • adam

    So take away one of the beat female wreatlers u have in favor of two dancere nice

  • mabry

    great Billy Gunn could be back!!!, hopefully he wrestles at least a couple of times!!!

  • Cboz78

    I’m thinking that she is gonna have a hand in the Cena vs Ziggler match, that’s probably why they pulled her.