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WWE Pulls a Rib on RAW, Backstage News on Why Randy Orton Beat Dean Ambrose, Booker T

– Booker T has announced that Devon will be appearing at his Reality of Wrestling Summer of Champions iPPV on July 26th in Houston. Devon joins Josh Mathews, Jinder Mahal, Teddy Long and Diamond Dallas Page as names announced for the event.

– The Miz saying a fan named Johnny Russo wrote him a letter about Chris Jericho on last night’s RAW was apparently a scripted rib at Vince Russo.

– The idea behind Randy Orton defeating Dean Ambrose on last night’s RAW was that it keeps Orton strong for his upcoming pay-per-view matches with Roman Reigns. Their match on last Friday’s SmackDown ended with Ambrose winning by disqualification.


  • jedi

    yeah I dont think it had the effect they intended!

  • JAckh45

    Honestly when has Orton ever lost to anyone besides Cena clean over the last 5 years in a singles match?
    He botched in the match with Ambrose and tried to play it off like he wasn’t at fault. Orton is just down right boring to watch, listen too in every aspect.

  • poko

    I agree. Orton won but he also put over Ambrose as dangerous and as a guy who is nearly on even ground with one of the top guys in the WWE. This was a positive. Also, as anyone who watches Japanese wrestling knows, heels winning clean in competitive matches can actually be a good thing.

  • CC

    Why do they need to make Orton “look strong”?
    Guys like Orton and Cena dont NEED to win to look strong as they have been pushed so hard over the years that they never look weak. Ambrose on the other hand as someone who has just left a faction, needs to be shown as a strong singles competitor. Having his win against Orton be due to a DQ and then a loss does not help him.

  • Chris E.

    It kind of shocked me Orton got the clean win but the announce team did continue to point out Dean Ambrose’ bad shoulder and when it appeared to get worse after going into the ring post. Didnt come off bad for Ambrose from a fan’ view.

  • James Anslow

    Ooh using russo’s last name.. big rib!