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WWE Pushing Tamina Snuka, News on The Undertaker’s Hair, Steve Austin

– In an update from the other day, WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin is actually in Canada shooting scenes for “The Package” – another action movie. Austin is co-starring in the movie with actor Dolph Lundgren.

– As seen during the vignette on last night’s RAW Supershow, The Undertaker was cutting his hair. This was done because The Undertaker’s hair has not grown back enough. Taker shaved his head last year but it was expected that he would be ready to go for WrestleMania 28. After wearing a wig for his return on RAW a few weeks back, it looks like they are turning it into an angle for the Triple H feud.

WWE’s website wrote:

“Then, Undertaker appeared on the TitanTron, revealing a shocking moment, taking a razor to his hair and proclaiming “vengeance will be mine.””

– You may have noticed that WWE was referring to Tamina as Tamina Snuka on last night’s RAW Supershow. WWE is in the middle of pushing the daughter of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and using her last name is part of that push.

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  • venom

    Taker’s hair will probably be like at wrestlemania 20.

  • Devil_Rising

    they should re-hire matt hardy to play undertaker V2, “matt hardy will NOT die” its what the world wants to see

  • r truth

    he shold mix them together then everybody would stp complainung

  • Devil_Rising

    taker should just not bother now, dont want him doing a ric flair

  • dick cockwrinkle

    i think he would look a lil like the dude from breaking bad, it would be a lil shocking at first but then itd be bad-ass

  • Edo. Risk

    embrace the baldness…

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I agree with Billy Zane. I’ve been a WWF/WWE fan since the late 80’s, so I’ve seen Taker’s whole career, and I could NOT stand the American Badass Gimmick. I get it that at the time, the company was more about reality than gimmicks, but when he returned at WM XX as The Deadman, that crowd at MSG went apeshit. And a year later, when he started wearing TIGHTS again, I marked the fuck out. Deadman with that song, that entrance, THAT is The Undertaker. So I don’t mind if his hair is shorter, like it was at WM XX, just not bald or cut like it was in 2002. I want to see The Undertaker, not Mean Mark.

  • XX

    I can see undertaker coming out with a britney spears gimmick. completly bald and throwing small children at HHH to gain the victory. His entrance will consist of him miming to limp bizkit rolling and michelle mccool taking money from his wallet and throwing it to overweight male strippers.

  • chronoxiong

    Will pushing Tamina Snuka work as it did for Ted Dibiase Jr.? It still hasn’t for Ted.

  • shawn

    cant think of any reason Undertaker would cut his hair unless he wants to be the badass character.

  • Billy Zane

    Shut up about the American bad ass gimmick already.

  • nick

    idk how cutting his hair is going to force hhh to face him lol…hope this angle makes sense, unlike most angles these days.

  • Mordecai

    I like how people are stressing over how the Undertaker will look. As long as he isn’t bald then there’s nothing to worry about. He hasn’t had long hair his entire career. If you remember he did have shorter hair during the American Badass gimmick. When he fought Kane at Wrestlemania XX back in 2004 I believe, his hair wasn’t as along as it usually was either.

  • SusyRko

    Don’t be ridiculous its just hair, I want to see the deadman perform no Mather how he looks. Michaels hair used to look really messed up on his last matches and people still loved him thought

  • RUSTanator

    didnt they try to push one of duece and domino as sim snuka??

    wont last long, natalya is a neidhart and now she farts on tv.

  • ##

    Seems like Tamina has been given the green light to use the same move set as Jimmy which is a good idea for a somewhat green Tamina.

  • Shawn

    Sounds like WWE is trying to make Undertaker a psycho. You know, kind of like Sting’s ‘Joker’ gimmick in TNA. Nice.

  • Stumpy

    @xXFindleyXx – That sounds like a great idea which means that the Big E’s creative team will do just the opposite…

  • xXFindleyXx


    I’m pretty sure his hair has grown back, just not to the length people would expect.

    @Jon, @Prince

    Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes.
    They shouldn’t even say anything and just have HHH out first at ‘mania, and when he’s done getting in the ring air one final vignette
    but when it’s over, instead of a gong going off, Taker revs up the motorcycle and you hear “I… AM… AN AMERICAN BAD ASS (etc.)” and he hauls ass out to the ring.

  • Kris

    so why not push Joe Hnnig with his real name too…could do a greta angle with all these2nd and 3rd generation athletes with fake names where they come out and are like all po’ed they cant rep family, burn(or tear up) current namesakes gear and reintrodce themselves with their real names and who their dad was

  • Prince

    Although they did show a shot of him with the hat back on after he cut his hair. I’m also hoping he’s not bald though. That would be pretty weird. He also looks like he’s 70 years old when he’s bald, if anyone’s seen the pictures. He needs to at least have some hair. It would be weird to see him in his same gimmick with short hair, because he’s had long hair in that gimmick his entire career.

  • Prince

    Yep, just making him american badass again is a pretty simple solution. Would make sense in this situation too. He comes out on the motorcycle looking tough, showing to HHH he means business.

  • Jon

    Just bring back the American Badass gimmick.

  • Devil_Rising


    Does that mean that Taker is going to have SHORT hair……..or NO hair at all, and pull a Stone Cold? Because personally….I’d rather not see him, than to see how absolutely silly Taker’s big head would look BALD……NOT the way I want to remember THE UNDERTAKER’S last match.

    Again, I love the guy, he’s my fav. wrestler of all time, but AS a long-time fan…..the motherfucker should have just left his hair alone until AFTER he fully retired.

  • PinkSinCara

    When I hear “Snuka” and “push” used together, I picture Jimmy Snuka being pushed to the ring in a wheelchair before his next match. But hey I wish Tamina all the best.