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WWE Puts Cena/AJ Storyline On Backburner, Season’s Greetings From WWE Stars

– WWE’s romance storyline with John Cena and AJ Lee was placed on the back burner on Raw Monday as a result of photos surfacing online of the Cenation leader appearing as former WWE Diva Nikki Bella’s date at her ten-year high-school reunion in Scottsdale, Arizona two weeks ago. The photos received a lot of publicity from TMZ, so continuing Cena’s storyline with Lee just three days later would have thrown it “in the face of the fans.” The storyline is expected to resume later this month.

Cena’s character was depicted as “goofy” and “happy-go-lucky” because WWE wanted to promote the positive vibe around him based on the publicity he had received.

Cena’s date with Bella was legitimate as they have been together “for a little while.” Daniel Bryan and former WWE Diva Brie Bella also attended the event as a date as the two have been romantically involved for several months.

– WWE Superstars and Divas express their holiday cheer by joining together for a group sing-along.


– Former WWE talent Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes appears for PCW on January 26, 2013 at the Addison Park District 120 E. Oak St. Addison, Illinois.


  • Me

    I thought Cena was married, what happened, did she develope a brain?

  • Nate

    Wait, so the WWE are scared that people wont believe that this storyline is real…?

    Really WWE…

  • Break it down

    I found Mea Young and Mark Henrys relationship more entertaining then anything WWE puts on TV now

  • Jimbo

    LOL, yet another case of WWE assuming we’re idiots and we’ll forget about things if they wait long enough.

  • Razo Power

    The Internet ruiens Everything

  • Will Henderson

    why not just end the relationship angle and let AJ and Cena move on already. the internet ruined this angle that was already a poorly written one by a Bella Twin posting her pics on twitter and the IWC and wrestling news sites such as this one picked up the pic. i think whatr’s best for AJ in this is just make it about her and Vickie and remove the men from the angle and move the Ziggler/Cena match to something seperate from the ladies who are feuding over losing/gaining power in a controversial matter.

  • Whitewing

    Cena and Bryan dating twins? Wonder if they do any switching… XD

  • dlb

    You mean that storyline isn’t real!?! What next, am I gonna find out that the Undertaker isn’t really undead?

  • Mark

    dumb storyline anyway

  • chronoxiong

    The WWE can’t challenge our intelligence. They need to realize that and not try to expect fans forget about storylines that have happened in the past either.