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– WWE’s website has a new feature up that ranks the top 15 wrestling families. They are listed below:

15. The DiBiases
14. The Colons
13. The Poffos
12. The Hennigs
11. The Vachons
10. The Windhams
9. The Briscos
8. The Rhodes
7. The Funks
6. The Guerreros
5. The Ortons
4. The Von Erichs
3. The Anoaʻi/Maivias
2. The Harts
1. The McMahons

They wrote the following about the McMahon family:

“The McMahon name has long been synonymous with sports-entertainment, but few realize the family was involved in professional wrestling since before the first television was even invented. In the 1920s, Jess McMahon began promoting matches in the New York City area during the industry’s early boom. When he died in 1954, his son, Vincent, took over the business and became one of the most respected and admired promoters. For Jess and Vince, Madison Square Garden was their home, but that regional base was expanded in the 1980s when Mr. McMahon took what would become WWE from an eastern attraction to an international powerhouse. Not just sports-entertainment’s greatest promoter, but one of the genre’s biggest stars, the mastermind behind WrestleMania’s in-ring battles with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin brought his company record television ratings and box-office receipts. His kids pitched in too as both Shane and Stephanie McMahon as key players both in the squared circle and at the corporate offices. With Stephanie’s 2003 marriage to Triple H, the family lineage extended to include not only sports-entertainment’s greatest minds, but one of the ring’s biggest legends.”

  • john1211

    where is the cenas lol

  • Devil_Rising

    Gee. What a fucking surprise. And people say the McMahon clan doesn’t stroke it’s own ego on a regular basis. They had their own employees make a list naming THEM the top family of ALL TIME in wrestling history?

    Give me a fucking break. First off, that kind of list should only include WRESTLING families. Vince, Shane and Stephanie having some matches doesn’t count. The McMahon’s are in no way the TOP wrestling family. The Harts are, followed by the likes of the Anoa’is, the Von Erichs, the Guerreros, the Vachons, the Rhodes, the Hennig’s, etc.

  • Soulshroude

    Damn… shameless self promotion and gloating. Damned stuck up snobs.

  • Titan

    Where’s the bellas?!??

  • SYM

    @Cropsy I just had to reply because Jerry Lawler is my least Favorite person in the WWE and the Wrestling World.Jerry Lawler is a terrible Face Commentator and its truely dreadful to have to listen to him talk about “How Great John Cena is” or “How Funny Santino is” or “How Fat or disgusting Vickie Guerrero is” when John Cena cant Wrestle, Santino would be Funny if I were 8, and Lawler shops at the same clothing store as Vickie. So Fuck Lawler and his dancing “Son Grand Master Uglaaay”.

  • Cropsy

    too bad the lawlers got left out >;-}

  • swag


  • Rikishi Fatu

    #3, good spot. huzzzzzzzzah

  • Ray

    With Ric Flair being the Cousin

  • Ray

    don’t forget the kayfabe list of The Andersons

  • Stevie P

    Seeing as Mr. McMahon is arguably the best heel of all time, I don’t mind them being number 1 and I don’t mind the Harts being number 2. I have a hard time with the Von Erich’s being number 4 though as I would have thought WWE would have moved away from that family seeing as 3 of the kids killed themselves.

  • greatest one

    I like it how they call HHH one of the biggest legends… Someone is begging for a promotion

  • jmeyer

    Maybe they could do a kayfabe family list.

    1. The Valiants
    2. The Grahams
    3. The Koloffs

    That’s all I got off the top of my head, help me out.

  • WrestlingTrunks

    You can’t argue with McMahon’s being first.

  • jmeyer

    I can’t argue with 1 or 2. This list must’ve been comprised before the Orton suspension and the Von Erichs are always overrated. They were great for a couple years, but ultimately, just a tragic flash in the pan. There must be a Von Erich Biofilm in the works at WWE Films to get them the 4 spot. I’d put the Funks, The Rhodes, and The Briscos 3,4,5 and I can live with the rest.

  • SYM

    WTF is this? The WWE is terrible at Rankings.

  • Dustin h

    Of course the mcmahons are going to be first on the list…it’s coming from their fucking website…biased anyone????

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