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WWE Ranks Their Top 25 Talkers of All-Time – Full Listing

– WWE has ranked the top 25 all-time “Masters of the Mic” on their website. Here’s the full listing:

25. Captain Lou Albano
24. Rick Rude
23. Santino Marella
22. Ted DiBiase Sr.
21. The Miz
20. Jesse Ventura
19. Triple H
18. Paul Heyman
17. Edge
16. Vince McMahon
15. Billy Graham
14. Mick Foley
13. Hulk Hogan
12. CM Punk
11. Randy Savage
10. JBL
9. Bobby Heenan
8. Dusty Rhodes
7. John Cena
6. Jake Roberts
5. Chris Jericho
4. Ric Flair
3. The Rock
2. Roddy Piper
1. Steve Austin

  • robert

    the rock should have been #1 hands down

  • Wolfie

    I am going to cause some real consternation and say that I kind of feel like Ultimate Warrior should have been on the list. Low on the list at like #25, but on the list. When I was young his promos where what drew me into wrestling. Just so crazy and over the top. I mean the one promo about crashing Hulk’s plane was absolutely brilliant.

  • Wellsy

    Look for Damian Sandow to join that list in the next few years. That guy said more different adjectives on SmackDown than I have this year so far! Very good talker!

  • bc mitchell

    Eves nipple and Davey Jake is #6

  • Juice_Man

    Austin and Rock should swap. Nobody is better than Rock on the mic. Austin was badass. but he was a brawler. Look at how many views rock’s greatest moments get on youtube lol.

  • straight-edge

    i guess scott hall didnt know what a mic was

  • SYM

    WTF is this Shit?

  • ant

    oh and for all u who disagree put this into perceptive,that promo was UNSCRIPTED Austin had to improvise that ON THE SPOT i mean The Rocks good but most of his good stuff is written on his arm or his hand

  • ant

    ummm Austin over The Rock I THINK NOT,wasnt Austin the one who used a PROMO to propel him to the top? man i can assure that i dont remember the first ever Rock promo to the propel him to becoming The Rock but i do remember “AUSTIN 3:16 SAYS HE JUST WOOPED YOUR ASS!!!”

  • Davey

    No Curt Hennig? Jake Roberts? Hmmm

  • Chris

    Typical WWE produced shit

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Where the hell is Jim Cornette, Goldust, Jake Roberts, Road Dogg etc. This list its total garbage.

  • Chris

    How the fuck can Eric Bischoff not be on this list? Bischoff can hold his own against any of those guys on that list. WTF

    Flair owns Austin on the mic

    This list is gay

  • Dave

    The Top 9 would be pretty good if Punk was where Cena is. I would probably have the order slightly rearranged but the the correct people are there.

  • straight-edge

    i know there is a lot of cena haters out there. im not a fan of his my self but i believe he is place right on this list he good with a mic

  • straight-edge

    why not make adamle and john laurinaitis on the list cause if you have ric flair as number four. then clearly you dont know what your talking about. he should be number 1 or 2 clearly.

  • Man

    The Rock should be No 1!

  • Rucdogg

    I know The Rock haters are gonna love this, but not saying he should be #1 but he should be higher than Austin.

  • Leon

    Santino and miz should not be on this stupid list. HBK and Honk Tonk Man should.


    how the HELL is santino on this list? who ever put that list together doesnt know shit. rhodes/piper/flair top 3 talkers ever

  • Tyler(:

    Quote me on saying he’s bad on the mic. “A bore up until last year” is the closest I’ve came to it.

  • My Morning Jacket

    I think Macho Man should’ve been #1 his promos were always so funny and entertaining. Glad to see HHH near the bottom. I like him he’s a great wrestler, but just overrated.

  • ant

    @Jon Jon Miz actually isnt that bad on the mic and as far as Cena i have to say he IS good at cutting promos on his opponents i have to admit

  • Jon-Jon

    Cena? Miz? WTF?

  • ant

    Tyler your point was invalid the moment u said CM Punk wasnt good on the mic like dude u gotta be freakin kiddin me with that statement

  • Pyro

    Punk should be way, way higher…but he’ll get there when they re-do the list in 10 years.

  • yofits

    Ricardo Rodriguez should be #2, while Funaki should be #1.


  • moo

    Foley should be higher.

  • LVW

    Obviously they didn’t look at THE KING and his Memphis Wrestling career.

  • you need to give him some quality time

    A different list came out on a few years ago. Equally bad. Needs more Kurt Angle.

  • Tyler(:

    I’ve not mentioned once John Cena, therefore you’re opinion is now invalid as you’re obviously a typical “Call people Cena fans because I think I’m into technical wrestling cuz I jizz over Punk”.


  • ant

    Tyler,yeah like u guys buttfuck The Rock and John Cena

  • Tyler(:

    ant, this is about Mic skills, not in-ring skills. I like CM Punk but god do you guys buttfuck him so hard.

  • Fred

    JBL…are they serious?

  • ant

    on another note i think triple h shouldve been higher up on the list cuz i actually think Triple H’s strong point IS promos

  • Little Jimmy

    Where’s The Great Khali on this list!?

  • ant

    Tyler u damn right u cant say shit about cm punk we all remember him from back in ring of honor and that 5 star match he had with samoa joe was incredible so bottom line is when cm punk cut that promo and he said he proves to the fans every week that hes the best in that ring and on that mic,HE WASNT LYING and u cant bullshit around like CM Punk dosent have better mic skills than 96 % of the wwe lockerroom

  • Tyler(:

    Oh no, I forgot, I can’t say anything bad about Mr. IWC Golden Boy, CM Punk.


  • good guy

    NO CHANCE IN HELL for Alberto on this list.

  • all WWE lists are bullshit…need i remind anybody of the “top 50 superstars in history” dvd?

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Miz over DiBiase??

  • TheAlmightyMitch

    Rick Rude should be much higher than 24. How the hell is Santino higher than him?

  • Bill

    If Cena HAD to be on the list, he should be #25. I’d love to see Cena try to out-talk every guy he beat on the list. Punk, Heyman, Edge, even Miz are all better than him on the mic, not to say that he’s god awful, but still.

  • Kingkaos

    Where is Freddie Blassie?

  • poko

    If this is WWE-only, then fine, but if this is “All-Time”, then Flair should be at the top and Dusty Rhodes should be higher. Flair’s promos with NWA were the best heel promos ever taped. His “interview” segments with Schiavone were the highlight of the show.

    I like Piper at #2. He was completely unique and his intensity was off the charts.

    Cena over guys like Savage or Rhodes is just bloody hilarious, and kind of kills the legitimacy of this list.

  • JohnCena33

    Cena shouldn’t be that high. Punk should be seven, Cena maybe 10th or 11th.

  • Tyler(:

    Ant one Promo doesn’t make you the best talker in a company.

  • ant

    @yofits and what the hell are u talkin bout Austin created the whole “what?” thing that u hear all the time and its ironic that u say Austin shouldnt be #1 cuz it was his great promo against Jake The Snake Roberts that created Austin 3:16 in the first place

  • ant

    @Tyler im not gonna get into this wit u cm punk has ALWAYSSSSSSS been great on the mic he was when he feuding with guys like rey mysterio,the undertaker,and randy orton and when he was leader of New Nexus and S.E.S. ANDDD when he cut that shoot promo on the problems in the wwe that shot him into superstardom as the “Voice Of The Voiceless”

  • yofits

    Austin should not be number 1.
    I sometimes can’t understand a damn thing he says with that ruff voice of his.

  • Tyler(:

    No ant, I’m not retarded and up until last year he was a bore on the mic. and this is WWE’s top 25, not ROHs.

  • Justin sane

    Dusty Rhodes should been #2

  • Stevie P

    Yeah Cena is good but not better than Dusty Rhodes. I have no problem with the top 5. Jericho might be higher because his WCW promos were some of the best ever.

  • ant

    @Tyler…are u retarted or somethin,cm punks been cutting great promos ever since roh

  • Appocalypse

    that list is bullshit! Heenan should defo be higher up that list. wheres guererro n hbk?

  • Tyler(:

    Punk even on the list? LOLno.

  • TwiztidRoman

    Cena over Heenan….BULL

  • Yojimbo

    That is So Wrong no eddie on there. having punk so low down along with edge and the miz near the buttom of the list. how do they work them poll’s out do they pink names out of a hat or something

  • Disgruntled Wrestling Fan

    Cena over Punk? LOLno.

  • ant

    i wouldve randy savage a lil higher cuz i used to love his promos

  • cody

    That has been on WWE for a good 3-4 years.