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WWE Ranks The Top 50 WCW Wrestlers Of All-Time has released a list counting down the top 50 WCW wrestlers of all-time. Eligibility begins with Ted Turner’s purchase of World Championship Wrestling in 1988—anything from Jim Crockett Promotions and NWA predating this is ineligible. Those eligible were rated only on their accomplishments while in WCW, as well as everything from longevity to cultural impact.

1. Sting
2. Ric Flair
3. “Hollywood” Hogan
4. Goldberg
5. Kevin Nash
6. Diamond Dallas Page
7. Lex Luger
8. Booker T
9. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
10. Scott Steiner
11. Big Van Vader
12. Scott Hall
13. Dean Malenko
14. “Psycho” Sid Vicious
15. “Stunning” Steve Austin
16. Ron Simmons
17. Arn Anderson
18. Eddie Guerrero
19. The Giant
20. Brian Pillman
21. Rick Steiner
22. Rey Mysterio
23. Barry Windham
24. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
25. Eric Bischoff
26. Rick Rude
27. Chris Jericho
28. Buff Bagwell
29. Billy Kidman
30. Raven
31. The Great Muta
32. Lance Storm
33. Terry Funk
34. Konnan
35. Lord Steven Regal
36. Ultimo Dragon
37. Cactus Jack
38. Michael “P.S.” Hayes
39. Curt Hennig
40. Kevin Sullivan
41. Bret “Hit Man” Hart
42. Dustin Rhodes
43. Saturn
44. Bobby Eaton
45. Kanyon
46. Larry Zbyszko
47. Meng
48. Dennis Rodman
49. Juventud Guerrera
50. Jeff Jarrett

  • midatlanticjay

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  • Loose Cannon

    By far the worse list of all time, I’ve watched wcw since the beginning & this list is complete crap, starting with rodman really? I could think of hundreds of others that should be on the list….

  • SYM

    I feel Vince Russo should be #1 for that Pipebomb he made at that One WCW show about how terrible the Booking was.

  • John Laurenitus’ Voice

    Luger is no saint WWE. You can have him but not Benoit?

  • wcw/nwo

    these names should be in top50 also: Wrath, Brian Adams, Scott Norton, Disco Inferno, Alex Wright, Psychosis. Meng only #47? he deserves a spot in top20.

  • Leon

    Not to have Ric Flair #1 is bullshit. He is, was, and always be WCW. When you think WCW you think Ric Flair. To have Dennis Rodman on this list is bullshit too.

  • moo

    I like that Sting is number 1, but putting Dennis Rodman on this list makes no sense at all, why not put Jay Leno while your at it.

  • Robbie b

    Disco inferno????

  • Houndy

    Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrrero, Ricky Steamboat and Bobby Eaton all belong further up the list than they are. Hogan should down around 75.

  • Justin sane

    Double j should have been #51… His light up sun glasses should have been 50.

  • Juice_Man

    how the hell did Jeff Jerrett even make this list. He’s so bad, he made TNA just so he could be champion. That dude tanks as a wrestler.

  • Little Jimmy

    Where’s the Shock Master!? Or David Arquette!?

  • nick

    the chosen one is number 50? WTF SLAP NUTS!!!

  • cj

    Sting is my all favorite wrestler since I was a kid but I have to say that Ric Flair should have been number 1 on this list. No question in my mind, before there was a WCW Flair was there in NWA/JCP (WCW Predecessor) becoming a legend. Seems that WWE has been buttering up the Stinger for a while now (alumni addition)..One more thing where in the hell is Hawk or Animal on this list. #EPICFAIL#

  • poko

    I don’t know about specific placement, but I would have Benoit in the top 10. His matches with Booker were epic, and he was always part of some title picture, usually the U.S. or tag team. I would probably have him in the ninth spot.

  • Stevie P


    Bahahaha! Who are you do doubt El Dandy?

  • Ron Damon

    What about El Dandy? This guy was a serious competitor! And Hypnosis? He was the highest flyer of the highest magnitude!

  • voice of reason

    also LMFAO jeff jarret is 50 on the list my day has now been made perfect i’m not a jeff jarrett fan, i just never liked the guy.

  • voice of reason

    benoit was great in wcw there were some true quality matches he did whilst he was on the roster.

    but i feel that what chris did vince has decided to wipe any trace of chris benoit from the company & therefore wipe out any vestiges of the man which is sad.

  • fail

    Scott hall should be higher he was hilarious in wcw

  • JohnCena33

    The Giant should be higher.


    La Parka? Vampiro? this list is shit

  • Wellsy

    Wow, that’s a good dig at Jarrett!

    Benoit will obviously be omitted from every list with it being a WWE list.

    Just for the sake of argument, where would people have Benoit on that list? I didn’t really watch WCW so wouldn’t be able to comment.

  • Seth

    Dustin Rhodes or Dusty Rhodes? Because there is only one Rhodes on this list.

  • Crocop

    That list is actually pretty good — all things considered.

  • ant

    @bc mitchell..Goldberg was the shit youre trippin

  • bc mitchell

    Pillman left WCW before Austin did Stevie P. Austin held the Tag, TV, and US titles during his run in WCW.
    Benoit is not allowed to be mentioned. Why is anyone surprised by that? It sucks but fact of the matter is he will never be on a greats list again.
    Luger places higher because they didn’t take Savages WWE career into account. Luger was a WCW guy.
    Fuck Goldberg.

  • John

    You’d think Cactus Jack would be alittle higher. And Randy Savage should be ahead of Lex Luger.

  • poko

    I’d agree with the idea that Austin is way, way too high on this list. He’s obviously being ranked partially based on his WWE career. WCW only, there is no way he did more than someone like Eddie Guerrero.

  • Straight-edge

    this would be a solid list if Chris benoit never wrestle for wcw however he did he should be on this list but i forgot about wwe power of being able to change history

  • Devil_Rising

    No offense to Steve, but how can they list Steve Austin so high up above wrestlers who were in WCW a lot longer and had a lot more success. Just because he went on to become “Stone Cold” doesn’t mean that he was a huge star in WCW. Sure, he could have been, but he was fired, and that’s that.

    Other WCW guys deserved to be ranked above him, or even not have him on the list, period.

  • WWE

    Benoit?? Who is Benoit!?

  • nikki

    wow who made this list? a 12 year old?

  • John Laurenitus’ Voice

    No Beniot? Why is Goldberg not two if not 3

  • MaNic

    no Beniot? and no one likes Jarett…hes another one of those ”self made” main eventers who used their backstage pull to get their cause they lack talent just like HHH did.

  • yofits


  • Big Daddy Cool


    One word Tna

  • Bawb

    Rodman over Jarrett.

    I wonder if Vince has a dart board in his office with Jeff’s image on it.

  • Stevie P


    Because it’s obvious you never saw Steve in WCW as that was the prime of his career wrestling wise. When he came to the WWF he was already banged up. He was a fantastic wrestler and him and Pillman were a great fit together.

  • ant

    how da hell is Jeff Jarrett last on the list? thats what i wanna know

  • Seth

    Alllll kinds of problems with this list. Rodman over Jarret? Rodman over anyone? Stunning Steve Austin? Yeah Stone Cold is one of the greatest characters in WWE history, but that shouldn’t translate to the WCW list. Otherwise Bret Hart should be higher. And I know he did a terrible, unspeakable thing, but Benoit belongs on the list. It’s Top 50 wrestlers, not Top 50 people.

  • Stevie P

    As much as I might get a lot of heat for this, Stunning Steve should be below Pillman. After Steve left, Pillman had a really great career at WCW, especially when he had to put people over like the Renegade.

    Don’t get me wrong because the Hollywood Blondes were one of the best tag teams of all time, but Steve left shortly after they broke up so how is he higher than Pillman if we’re strictly just talking about WCW?

  • sammy622

    Who makes these lists ?
    They are always soooo bad
    Goldberg, Nash, Hogan Booker in top 10?
    I call for a do over

  • Chael Sonnen: True Middleweight Champion

    Where’s the DVD of this? That would be pretty cool.