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More on WWE RAW Going Three Hours – Internal Reaction, New Revenue for WWE

– As noted before, a lot of people within WWE don’t expect RAW going three-hours to be a permanent thing, despite what the official announcements have said. There has been a lot of comparing it to when WCW Nitro went three hours years ago.

The format of the show is still a work in progress but the idea is to treat it like a pay-per-view event every Monday night with interactive features.

Almost all of the feedback coming from within the company has been negative regarding the change. There is a feeling that two hours drags by each week and adding a third hour won’t benefit them.

It’s said that the USA Network has been interested in a third hour for years but WWE has not been interested. USA currently pays WWE about $700,000 weekly for RAW. An increase of $100,000 would mean $5.2 million in new gross revenue for WWE.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Appocalypse

    Just allocate more time to each match! Theres the solution to filling 3 hours. Hell, i bet even the ratings would improve.

  • Stockton Joe

    @sdp – I agree completely. And I’ll go even further. It’s silly to say __________ (fill in the blank with the name of any WWE SuperStar or and Entertainer or a Politician) “sent out a tweet.” They don’t. “Their People” do. They have publicists and agents and staffers who do it in their name. And large organizations have “automatic robo-messages” sent out on behalf of people.

  • sdp

    For people bitching about WWE superstars not replying to tweets, you’re ridiculous. Do you realize how many followers and people tweet them daily? it’s a lot to go through and they typically aren’t just going to reply to a few because then everyone is going to want a response. Plus people like you bitch about it.. I guarantee they get hundreds of thousands of tweets everyday saying “I’m your biggest fan please RT and follow” How many times do you want to respond to that?

  • Ajd

    @opfor ezekal jackson answer fans….he talked to me like twice. Wwe was in my hometown and i thanked everyone who was there and he was the ONLY one who told me “ur welcome, glad u came out and had a good time.” IF wwe had me on their roster i would answer everyfan that i can. They can message me and everything. FUCK wit tha “im a star and im rich, i can post something on twitter and dont respond to fans” bullshit, we are the reason they get paid.

  • Stockton Joe

    “Text us and tell us what stipulation you want to see in the match that’s coming up next. 99 cents plus normal text messaging rates apply.”

    That’s the additional revenue stream! Of course, since RAW airs from 9:00 to 11:00 (or now 8:00 to 11:00) IN ALL TIME ZONES, such “fan interaction” is a scam. Pretty sleazy, really.

  • Chael Sonnen: True Middleweight Champion

    What have I been saying for a while now? Storyline changes on the fly, storylines with no definite direction, and now moving to 3 hours. I’m telling you guys it’s WWE that is repeating history as far as becoming the new WCW goes.

  • SYM

    The feeling the article stated is exactly how I feel. I fell asleep on Mondays RAW an hour into it. No one wants to see Brodus Clay, or Hear Jerry Lawler suck every Face Wrestler’s Dick.

  • 1919dpg

    if they revamped the Tag division, Us title division and brought back the US title they could easily fill up 3 hours with solid wrestling with enough time for their shitty backstage skits.

  • @AJD you’ve said bro, I agree with you totally, those WWE scumbags Superstars doesn’t replay for fans on twitter, it’s just those new ones who answers some in the starting days … after that , total ignorance

  • Effmenow

    Why do people troll on the internet? Are people just that bored with their life?

  • BlaH

    According to a source within TNA, a major issue which lead to tension between Ric Flair and TNA, and could potentially be one reason why Flair left the company, was the handling of the Gut Check segment on Impact featuring Alex Silva.

    WZ has learned that Flair went off the script when he chose Silva as the winner, which is now causing issues for TNA as not only did Flair go into business for himself, but Silva is from Quebec, requiring TNA to spend more time and money getting him a U.S. Visa if they want to use him with any amount of regularity.

  • Ajd

    Interactive like how???? Most of the WWE stars n divas dont respond to fans on twitter….oh wait…something like cyber sunday??? Ohhhhh how about this a poll that what we can vote on and wwe rigg the FUCK outta it….seriously WWE??