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WWE RAW Live Results – March 20th

by Staff - Mar 21, 2010

WWE RAW Live Event Results
March 20th, 2010 – Tucson, Arizona
Report by Marvin L.

1. Santino and Primo defeated Chavo Guerrero and Carlito. Primo sold for the majority of the match but gets the tag to Santino who cleans house. The finish came when Primo delivered his own poison apple to Carlito, and Santino hitting the cobra on Chavo followed by a quick roll-up.

2. Chris Masters defeated William Regal. This was originally suppose to be a Masterlock challenge when Masters came out and played up to the crowd, but Regal then came out and offered a match instead. Masters accepted. Regal quickly got the better of Masters with his aggressiveness, however Masters recovers and locked on the Masterlock for the win. After Masters left, Regal trashed Tucson (LOL). Simple, short enjoyable match.

The Bella Twins were out next to select a special bell ringer. They asked some little kid name Ryan to name a match at this year’s WrestleMania. He named the Cena vs. Batista match.

3. The Miz defeated Christian to retain the U.S. Title. Miz came out to mostly boos with few cheers, but he got a massive amount of boos as soon as he got on the mic. He cut a promo on demanding respect and says he’s the reason why we came to the show and watch Raw. Miz said we obsess over him and talked about Christian. He went on to say his awesome line, but stopped and told us to be quiet. He did the line over again this brought out Christian.

Christian delivered a promo saying he still does eek of awesomeness and played up the crowd. He did a poll with the crowd to see who was more awesome. Christian won hands down. He did his own version of the awesome line by saying, “I’m Captain Charisma and I’m awesome.” Some funny and really good stuff here.

Christian started off in control but Miz later took control and worked Christian’s left hand over. Christian started his comeback and this led to a series of near falls and reversals from both men. Miz got the win with the SCF at about 15 min. This was my match of the night.

4. Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Eve Torres defeated Maryse, Jillian, Eve. This was my bathroom break (Lol). I will note, before going to the bathroom, one of the girl’s hair extensions fell out and was lying in the middle of the ring. Also, the ref got caught and was rolled over when the girls were rolling around on the mat. When the ref got back up he had a big smile on his face and went up on the turnbuckle to celebrate and pose. Another funny spot here. The match was roughly 10 minutes

The Bella Twins came out again to throw some free t-shirts.


5. Legacy defeated Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. Legacy came out for the next match. Ted cut promo about how they’re twice as good as their dads. They plugged Ted’s HOF entry, the Marine 2, and WM 26. Out came Kofi and Bourne. Good back and forth action. Evan Bourne hit the SSP on Ted, but the count is broken by Cody. Kofi took Cody out and they fought up towards the ramp, while both men recovered in the ring. Ted hit Dream Street for the win at about 12 min.

6. Big Show defeated MVP. Big Show came out to a lot of boos wile MVP came out to an okay ovation. Show took control form the start. The crowd really gets behind MVP, who had a small comeback before show hit the chokeslam. Show went for the pin but MVP kicked out which made the chokeslam look weak. Show got the win with the knockout at about seven minutes. This was my sleeper match of the night.

7. John Cena and Mark Henry defeated Sheamus and Batista. Sheamus came out to loud boos followed by Batista who got a mix reaction of cheers and boos. Out of nowhere, Mark Henry’s music hit, which the crowd was pretty dead for with partly cheers. The whole place went crazy for John Cena as his music played. It then looked like Cena and Batista were going to start off the match but as soon as the bell rang, Cena charged Batista. However, Batista ducked out of the ring and Sheamus got in instead.

The match went back and forth, and the crowd really got into it. The finish came when Batista bailed out and Hornswoggle did a run in and started tuning up the band and hit the mini-kick to Sheamus’s shin. Sheamus turned around into an Attitude Adjustment from Cena for the win. Cena, Henry, and Hornswoggle celebrated in the ring with the crowd to end the show.

Overall a good show, though I was disappointed that neither Triple H or Randy Orton were in the main event. I left happy knowing that in eight days I’d be attending WrestleMania 26 with my cousin!

Most Cheers
1. John Cena
2. Christian
3. Kofi and Bourne
4. Hornswoggle
5. MVP

Most Boos
1.The Miz
4.Big Show

  • marcum1234

    no divas at wrestle mania

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