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First Look: New WWE Raw Logo Revealed

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RAW will be sporting a brand new logo with tonight’s 1,000th episode, you can check it out above, courtesy of TV Line.

  • Starship Pain

    No!!!! Greenday NOOOOOOOOOO! Please, not them!!!!!!!!! We don’t need to hear to more potheads. We have plenty with RVD and Orton!

  • TheSheepDog

    given the pg nature, i am surprised it was not drawn poorly in crayon

  • jeff

    I’d be shocked to hear a new theme song to, to start the show

  • El Dandy

    MS Paint special.
    Greenday song already ruins Smackdown we don’t need it on Raw too

  • wf3458

    Well the new Raw theme will problary be a greenday song since WWE brought them in. If Raw need a change get out of the PG eta

  • adam

    I have a feeling there going to change it to another crappy green day song because there supposed to be at raw.

  • No Name Required

    I like the logo change the song to thunderstruck by ACDC and I’d actually watch the opening

  • Jimbo

    Don’t care what they do with the logo, just please for the love of god no more shitty ass nickleback!

  • SYM

    Finally! I hope we get a New Arena, and Theme Song. It looks nice but I know how so Many of You Bitch because it doesn’t look like ROH’s logo. Like Shut The Fuck up and be happy we no longer have that crappy RAW HD logo.

  • adam

    It looks like they just took off the supershow thing Which i hope is true there done doing that

  • Will Henderson

    looks like they updated the 2006-present logo to remove the line that on top of the logo and where the line starts has been cut off the W.

  • Batesy Boy

    whats changed then?

  • Hasan

    Not gonna lie, it looks good. But not much changed.

  • Soulja17

    Thats fuckn Gay!

  • SuperCena < Divorce Papers

    Glad they got rid of “Supershow”

    It looks like a mixture of the attitude era logo and the ruthless aggression era logo.

  • Prince

    Well that’s a little disappointing

  • Nick Kidd

    it should stay as raw and have smackdown superstars stay on smackdown except for these big events!