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WWE RAW Rating for Last Night, Update on ECW’s Future


– The rumors going around WWE today are that the ECW brand will be done away with on tonight’s SyFy program and that a new concept show will begin next Tuesday night.

– Last night’s RAW with Bret Hart & William Shatner scored a 3.6 cable rating. The first hour did a rating of 3.5 with 5,012,000 viewers while the second hour did a 3.76 rating with 5,561,000 viewers.

  • josh

    sorry to dissapoint but elija is gone to tna he is the pope

  • King B

    New Nation should by Cryme Time (or just JTG)as the tag team (or JTG as the cruiserweight because they really need to bring that division back) Ezekial Jackson as the muscle, Kofi as the champion contender (face to put them over) OR MVP as the champion contnder if they want to go heel. Teddy Long as the manager or bring back Ron Simmons.

  • Devil_Rising

    They kind of had that group for a brief period, under Teddy Long, as “Thuggin’ and Buggin”. Stupid name, but decent group, with Rodney Mack, Jazz, and Mark Henry.

  • Mark

    Been wanting a new N.O.D. for a while. A couple years ago I had Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry, Booker T with Teddy Long as the manager.

  • zilla

    they need more stables…. a new N.O.D. with Kofi, Elijah and Cryme Time, and Ron Simmons managing the group….

  • Ryan

    after mania the draft will keep the audience and hopefully new and exciting feuds will keep the rating up. i must say good luck to TNA if they go on mondays.

  • Matthew

    Nobody-maybe, maybe not…yesterday’s RAW was one of the few decent ones that I’ve seen in a long, long time. Now, lets just hope that the ratings won’t be a short time fling with bret hart back-if it is, I can guarantee you, once bret hart leaves in april, RAW ratings will go back down.

  • Nobody

    Good Luck on Monday Nights Hogan. You’ll need it