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WWE RAW Rating from Last Night’s Post-MITB Show, AM RAW

– The July 16th episode of WWE’s AM RAW did a 0.67 rating with 821,000 viewers.

– Last night’s post-Money in the Bank episode of WWE RAW scored a 3.2 cable rating with 4.83 million viewers. This week’s show did hours of 3.15 and 3.29. This is up from last week’s 2.9 rating.

  • Nicholas G

    With the return of HHH and now that he is going to be back on TV next Monday people will tune into see. Say what you will about HHH he will bring in the fans.

    It seems like to me WWE is starting to go with kind of like a real life type of story line. What I mean was the last time you here a guys like Cena talk about after getting fire walking right into TNA. An don’t tell me TNA would not pick Cena up in a heart beat. Trust me a much as you Cena haters hate Cena him going to TNA. Would be like the time Hogan left WWE to go to WCW. Say what you will about Cena. No I am not Cena biggest fans but I have so much respect for the guy. An respect is something the haters on the internet knows nothing about. No Cena is not the greatest wrestler but he prove Sunday night that he can have a good wrestling match. An that he can mix it up with the best of them. At least Cena try hard to improve his wrestling skills. I mean haters talk about Cena 5 moves tell me how many move did Hogan have in his prime not many.

    Next Monday is going to be interesting. I expect to see CM Punk showing up with a new WWE deal. Which was most likely signed weeks ago.

  • venom

    I thought that Raw was the best of the year. It was more wrestling and less talking.

  • K Roy

    @cenasucks what did you expect would happen? do you think that he was really going to be fired?!? im actually happy that they used vince threatening cena being fired in combination with punk leaving with the belt as a catalyst storyline wise to can vince. this is just the start of something big and fresh, so it worked..

    what i find funny though is how you cant post without obsessing over cena. its sad really, your like a grade school kid who has a crush on a girl and makes fun of her and acts like he hates her to hide his true feelings. i bet you have a lifesized cardboard cena in your bedroom, which probably is in your parents house…loser

  • erik

    they went up becaus talent melina was on tv. divas get high ratings. which means more divas on raw gets higher ratings. wwe should have natyla vs gail kim. melina vs tamina.

  • jeff

    once they go back to p14 it be better then go p17 for the 10pm n bring joey styles to replace cole n get somebody else better then king

  • Greatness

    DVR ratings are probably going to be way up.

  • Effmenow

    Yeah coming off of the best ppv of the year….thats not a good rating at all.

    I guess DVR will do that to ya.

  • Yespage

    Seriously? That’s it? I even watched Raw last night, the first one in years, and it only scores a 3.2.

  • CenaSucks

    Good rating. Lets see what next weeks is going to be, that will be the real show of wether the fans are invested in this storyline.

    Im so-so right now, hate that Punk left, and pissed off that yet again a cnea fired storyline amounts to absolutely fuck all