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- A fan on Twitter asked WWE Champion CM Punk what would have happened if Steve Austin would have came down to the ring on Monday night’s RAW during the Jim Ross segment. Punk replied:

“Probably would’ve fallen down.”

– Apparently Drew McIntyre did not have surgery on his thumb as reported before. He posted on Twitter:

“I had so many tweets telling me I had thumb surgery I had to double check my thumb was fine.But the scar on my wrist was still there #thenet”

– Monday night’s WWE RAW averaged 3,502,000 viewers, down significantly from the last few weeks. Since RAW went to three hours in July, the trend has been viewers dropping. This week’s show saw hour 1 do 3,436,000 viewers, hour 2 do 3,588,000 viewers and hour 3 do 3,472,000 viewers. The final RAW rating for this week is a 2.5. This is the lowest non-holiday RAW in 15 years.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Tyler(:

    Chronoxiong are you stupid? The amount of love for CM Punk here is pathetic so why would anyone blame him?

    Isn’t it funny how you’re quick to take any blame of him, so let me guess, every other single thing to do with the show caused Low Ratings, but Punk, oh no, they skyrocketed when he was on the screen?

    You and your bumload of likes are the main reasons why I find Punk unlikeable, he’s overrated.

  • paul s

    Cm punk is the most genuinely intrresting thing in wrestling in a looooong time. We are bored of cena and boring storylines, Do not chastise punk for a poor rating. Chastise comedy segments and anything pushed toward children.

  • chronoxiong

    Let me guess WWE Universe, it’s CM Punk’s fault again right? Hell no. It’s the shitty product and the fact that we have to endure 3 hours of it is too much to take for a Monday. Especially during football season.

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