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WWE Raw Rating & Viewership News

Monday’s episode of Raw drew a 2.89 rating, up from the 2.67 rating the show drew last week.

Raw averaged 4.23 million viewers for all three Slammy hours. It did 4.29 million for the first hour viewers, 4.41 million viewers for the second, and 3.99 million viewers for the third hour.

Raw ranked #2 in overall viewers on cable television behind the Monday Night Football game, which only drew a season-low 10.1 million viewers.


  • meh

    Vince screwed Vince i think it was over 10mil now theres less then half of that they had there chance in 2001 with the invasion angle to get a few wce fand on board but vinces ego blew that.

  • Yep

    Wasn’t there like 15 million people watching wrestling during the Monday night wars? so really they’ve lost about 14 million fans I guess 10 years of rubbish story lines,PG TV and John Cena will do that.

  • eric

    Even wwe at it’s worst tv rating. is still 9 times higher or better than tna rating. atleast they not drawing low shitty little over million tv rating. tna is no competion for wwe. i would perfer less hogan segments. more knockouts and young talent of tna. than an ego maniac who still thinks he is biggest draw in pro wrestling lol

  • poko

    Good for the WWE but a lot of the credit goes to the NFL for putting that train wreck of a game on television. It was an pre-Christmas ratings gift.

  • eric

    yeah tna could only dream about drawing over 4million viewers. dreamer, flair unlike tna. wwe will use flair better. as long as wwe keeps flair out of ring. i would love see flair as manager for tag team rhodes and sandow. dirty player in game. could lead sandow and rhodes to tag team gold. or wwe could get creative. give cena big heel turn. have cena be flair boy. just as aj styles was flair boy. cena would look pretty bad ass as heel. flair as heel cena manager!

  • HR

    2nd hour=WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Nuff said!