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WWE Raw Ratings & Viewership News, John Cena “Revenge” Match

– The ratings are in for Monday’s 3-hour WWE RAW and it’s not good news for WWE. Monday’s RAW drew a 2.84 rating for the 3-hours and a 2.93 for the final two hours, RAW’s old timeslot. 2.84 is the lowest rating RAW has done since expanding to 3-hours on a weekly basis last month.

The show averaged 4,134,000 viewers, also a new low for the 3-hour era. The first hour dipped below 4 million viewers (for the first time since RAW 1,000), with 3,795,000 viewers. Hour two had 4,252,000 viewers while hour three did 4,354,000.

– A local commerical that aired during RAW hyping the August 27 RAW from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is advertising John Cena vs Big Show in No Disqualification match. The ad (and the Bradley Center website) are hyping it as a “revenge” match. WWE Champion CM Punk had been previously scheduled for the main event.


  • SYM

    Ok you can tell that was a fake SYM because I would’ve capitalized the Wrestlers names. I apologise to Barry for the fake SYM’s comments. However the comments to Moe and Nicholas were from me.

  • Angry Benny

    @Sym, I would like to see you write for wwe, with your vast knowledge of the product and all, With all this time spent on here bullshitting, why don’t you stay home, get notebook of paper, write some scripts for the future MNR and try to keep it good, sounds easy right? then fucking go to college and get a F#$#$ing degree and quit bitching,

  • SYM

    @Barry suck my little black Wang I know wwe I could write for them, wrestlemania cena vs dolph ziggler , undertaker vs the miz , the rock vs punk vs big show vs tensai. Bryan vs christain, Brock vs hhh 2. Then I would throw in a few other matchs such as tag titles and divas. So shut up Barry and moe, I know wwe and tna.

  • barry horowitz

    SYM you really are a fuck-tard who knows nothing apparently about how television works,its also football season and turns out more people like football than wrasslin’…so seriously calm down you fuckin internet thug.

  • poko

    I won’t talk about the quality of RAW, because quite honestly, I’ve skipped large chunks of the last two. I watch very little television, and it’s turned out that 3 hours of RAW is just too much for me in one sitting. That’s not a knock on RAW, it’s just me saying I can’t make myself watch for 3 hours.

  • Adam Bomb

    @Little Jimmy, go to be kiddo, it is past your bed time

  • Little Jimmy

    WWE could have ratings of 3.5-4.0 if they didn’t have uncreative Little Jimmy’s writing the show. Here’s what would increase ratings:

    Have Truth beat up Kofi and injure him so the Tag Titles are held up even though Crazy Truth believes “Little Jimmy” is his tag team partner, then create a Tag Title Tourney integrating new Tag teams with old ones Bring back London & Kendrick, Cryme Tyme & New Age Outlaws and also bring back AW to manage the Prime Time Playa’s.

    Big Show=Loss of rating’s have Punk injure him for 8-10 months.

    Bring back the Cruiserweight title and hold a Tourney bringing back Kaval in the process.

    Bring Back Maryse and have her win the Divas Title.

    Bring Back JoMo and have him feud with The Miz for the IC title.

    Have Sandow become US champion and scale back on Santino.

    Have Sheamus lose to Dolph ASAP and have Naitch as his manager and then set up an interesting Dolph-Flair/Orton feud.

    Have more DBryan & as Much Lesnar/Heyman as possible.

    Bring back faces of the past more.

    More Jericho.

    Expand Heath Slater’s gimmick.

    Release Tensai, i have to fast foward when his match is on.

    Push Barrett, Rhodes, Hunico, Drew McIntyre.

    Make the Cena-Punk feud more watchable.

    Bring back JR.

    Have less 1 minute or less matches.

    Have more backstage pre match interviews or skits.

    Its simple really, its hardly rocket science.

  • Moe

    Maybe it was your mothers ass?

  • Moe

    Your attacking someone personally for a valid point they were making. Were do you get off on talking to people like that. Your just some punk who thinks they are tough because they are behind a computer screen.

  • SYM

    @Moe Whose asshole did you crawl out of? Was it Tyler(: or Angry Benny. Or maybe even both?

  • Moe

    @SYM… What’s your Fucking Point JackAss! He’s just saying that people are not around as much in the summer time you fucken idiot. So why do you have to insult people. He’s got a valid point. Ratings go up in the fall and winter. Your the fucken dumbass!

  • Ant

    SYM-Joke Account with an attitude problem…

  • Step Brothers

    WWE makes me feel like Brendan off Step Brothers when Doback tells him he has to move out WHAT THE F HAPPENED!

  • SYM

    @Nicholas what type of Fucking sense does that Make? “Its Still Summer Time”. WHATS UR FUCKING POINT? The Olympics are Over and kids are going back to School already. People the reason I use profanity is because of Dumbass comments like Nicholas’

  • centerman

    I don’t mind the 3 hour show, but it’s destined to get a drop in ratings because the regular TV viewer is going to zone out and switch channels.

  • Nicholas

    I also like the 3 hour show. The ratings not bother by that it is still summer time. It always low in the summer that is something the internet will not tell you because the show has been pretty good.

  • jeff

    I hate the new 3hrs. Its like they show more replys from last week n more commercials.

  • Dean

    The Miz, Y2J, Ziggler match was good

  • 1919dpg

    i’m actually enjoying these 3 hour raws since they are giving the matches much more time.