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WWE Raw Ratings & Viewership News

Monday’s WWE Raw earned a 2.72 rating with 3.835 million viewers. The numbers were down from last week’s show, which scored a 2.87 rating and 4.193 million viewers.

Raw drew 3.873 million viewers in the first hour and 3.923 million in the second hour. Viewers dropped 5% from the second hour to the third, which garnered 3.710 million viewers.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @ Ricardo man u speak the truth.

  • Triple meh

    Just let the wrestlers be themselves and get rid of scripts and hollywood writers, people are over the stale childish programming.

    Vince is past it and has to many idiots around him.

  • Ricardo

    Really? The problem is PG13? Do yourselves a favor. Get a time series of Raw ratings and viewership – they are available online. Plot them in Excel, and create some major milestones. What you will see if you do it are facts:
    – PG13 was fine for a long time. Ratings decreased with the Invasion angles and the demise of WCW, and then stayed consistently the same, always on the upper 3’s or lower 4’s – even during the Cena years.
    – One year ago CM Snoozefest gets the belt and becomes a true main eventer. Rating start slowly plummeting. Now since his heel turn they dropped below 3 for the first time in 15 years.

    And by the way, saying that the heart attack despicable angle was “attitude-like” just shows how you weren’t even born during those days. If you think angles like this were what the attitude era was all about, then you’re not a fan of wrestling; you’re a fan of trash TV.

  • mtlhitman

    Saturday morning show should be pg and raw smackdown and main event tv-14 , they could release wwe tv-14 video game and a kid carton wrestling game , they keep action figure and teddybear pg no weapons or anything like that and everybody is happy raw starting back at 9 pm t’il 12:15 am – smackdown 9 to 11 pm and main event 9 to 10 pm.If not well i guess we just get use to it lol but seriously the product from 7 months and now is a bit up grading wait t’il they use the 3 nxt guys wait t’il the rock come back and if we could get taker fot mania plus brock lesnard coming back will be good for us attitude era fans and good for the rating (rock – taker – brock – hhh – cena – punk – orton – kane – cara and mysterio all at the same time will make rating jump high starting the rumble)

  • Man

    WWE is suffering with the TV-PG rating. TV-14 should make a comeback.

  • nick

    COME ON! Stop aiming towards little kids WWE! Bring back Attuide! But than again even if they wanted to some of you would freak out! OMG THAT WAS SO RUDE OF CM PUNK AND PAUL HEYMAN! WOW, SO SO RUDE! like shut up, shit back and enjoy the little attuide era we get!