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WWE Raw Social Media Score, Sammartino’s Meeting with Triple H

– Earlier it was noted Bruno Sammartino was not impressed with Triple H’s WWE Hall of Fame approach. Sal Correnete had the following to say on that matter.

It has come to our attention that someone has claimed that Bruno was unimpressed with Triple H. That is an absolutely false statement Bruno had no issue what so ever with Triple H. He liked Triple H and enjoyed their conversation but for reasons personal to Bruno he has decided not to accept the induction in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM IS THE REFUSAL A REFLECTION ON TRIPLE H or his presentation or conversations with Bruno

– This week’s WWE Raw Supershow dropped 17 percent in social media activity after increasing 17 percent last week.

Raw scored 154,111, down from 186,954. Raw was also six percent below the yearly average. The show ranked #4 on cable TV for the night.

Source: PWTorch

  • Hunter

    Gutted that Sammartino seemingly won’t be at the HOF. That genuinely would have been massive if Vince/HHH got him to appear on anything WWE related.

  • Men on a Mission

    I love run on sentences with no punctuation I think they are great especially when there are tons of grammatical mistakes but people probably figure you know what they are trying to say so why bother spell checking people will figure it out even if words are used wrong or left out altogether people can decipher what you are trying to say so it’s okay to look like an idiot.

  • Hes got a bicycle

    lol HHH got pwned!

  • JohnCena33

    That 17% drop was my fault, I was offline last night.

  • King

    jesus h christ enough with trying to get this bitter prick bruno into the hall of fame…enough is enough already…he wants to continue living his life in bitterness & in the damn past then thats on his ass & that just goes to show u he dont RESPECT!!! nor does he give a shit about the FANS & the Business/company that made him….i used to like bruno before he became a bitter old bitch…i respect what hes done but thats it now & he should be in the hall of fame without a doubt but come on already with his bullshit & trying to cater to him…bottom line is bruno sammartino aint nothing but a bitter old man & he seriously needs too get over himself & needs to grow the fuck up already….fuck that scumbag & put the damn Macho Man Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame where he BELONGS,DESERVES!!! he should have been in the hall of fame years ago starting back in 2004 when it became an annual thing or sooner like in 1996…#InductMachoManRandySavageIntoTheWWEHallOfFame

  • Nicholas

    There are a lot of haters out there who get HHH all mistake up for no good reason. To me it great that HHH is talking with guy like Sammartino one of the all time greats trying to put him in the Hall of Fame.