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WWE RAW Supershow Rating Drops This Week

WWE’s December 5th RAW Supershow from Tampa, FL drew a 2.97 cable rating and averaged 4,352,000 viewers. This is down form last week’s 3.23 (4,483,000 viewers) and RAW’s 2nd lowest rating in the past 10 weeks.

Once again – the trend of RAW losing viewers in hour two continued, with hourly ratings of 3.02 and 2.91. RAW lost approximately 100,000 viewers in hour two.

The NFL Monday Night Football game between the Chargers and Jaguars did not do a great rating, so the competition on cable was not too bad this week.

  • CM Mark

    CM Punk didn’t even wrestle this week you morons… Maybe that’s why ratings fell.


    hey jay u stupid fuck that mnf game was terrible and raw was great damn why do u lames hate so damn much Cena on main events =RATINGS !!!!

  • Jay

    Monday Night Football > Monday Night Raw

  • Matthew Carter

    I kinda figured the ratings would drop, given that we didn’t see Cody Rhodes, Mason Ryan, Jack Swagger, Air Boom, Wade Barrett, Booker T and Big Show in action. The matches that we saw were all story-line matches, and no filler matches- I think a 6 man tag match consisting of Booker T/Mason Ryan/Big show vs Cody Rhodes/Wade Barrett/Jack Swagger would have been a good filler match, and would have done three things: advanced the Booker T/Cody Rhodes story-line a bit, furthered the feud between Mason Ryan and Vickie Guerrero’s clients, and increased the ratings a little bit. As for Air Boom, they should have just issued an open challenge to any team, heck even any two superstars for their titles at TLC. WWE did a good job this week with RAW, I’m going to give them credit, but it felt like something was missing. And the revamp is going to take some time.

  • venom


    They should have Cena and Orton take a year off, and let these other guys step up.

  • Bawb


    Whoever said this show was good, or any show, in the past several months has no idea what they’re talking about. They have to revamp this entire product. It is very, very stale. And they should start with those annoying pats on the back “Did you know?”s. They should have have one that comments on how much of a slide they’ve been on.

    They have a video library that they own of themselves and so many promotions they bought. Maybe they can all sit down and watch some videos to see how it should be done.

  • simon07

    I find it funny how when people on this site comment that the show was good the ratings seem to go down… :S

  • Tyler(:

    CM Punk = Ratings lost…

  • dave

    cm punk = rating haha